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In Korea

Dedication Service for the Sacheon Church

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  • Date | February 13, 2013
The Sacheon Church in Gyeongnam Province dedicated a new temple to God on Feb. 13th. The new temple has one underground level and three floors above ground, and it has a main sanctuary, a fellowship room, an education hall, a reception room, a multipurpose hall, audio visual rooms, a lounge and a cafeteria.

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The dedication service began at around 2:30 p.m., and the temple was filled with 700 members. Mother complimented the members who worked hard to build a new temple, and She also asked the members to keep up the good work with hope for heaven despite the hardships such as the cold weather or the financial difficulties. Mother said, “When a child grows, the parents clothe them in bigger clothes. Now since God our Father has blessed you with a big and gracious nest, please lead many souls to God so that there will be no empty seats in Zion.” She also blessed the members who came from nearby Zions in Changwon, Geoje and Jinju to celebrate the dedication of the new temple.

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General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol said, “God has given you a big temple because there are many fruits to fill up the barn of Zion,” and he asked them to take the lead in saving souls in the Sacheon area and all mankind throughout the world by finding 4,000 or 5,000 a day, explaining how the early Church led 3,000 or 5,000 to repentance a day. Through his sermon, he also asked them to let their neighbors know about the existence of God the Mother who is the key secret of the Bible, the book of God’s knowledge, and to repay God for His grace of giving them a new temple by filling up the empty seats with good fruit who have acknowledgment of God.

The Sacheon Church was branched out from a nearby Church only four years ago, but they were able to dedicate a new big and beautiful temple to God. The members were just overwhelmed. One male adult member said, “The Sacheon Church was very small in the beginning, but it prospered thanks to God’s blessings, and we were able to dedicate a new temple four years after we were branched out. We’re very surprised of course, but the residents in our town are even more surprised.” The members of the Sacheon Church say with one voice that the driving force that made it possible to build a new temple in such a short time was the “Teachings of Mother.” They tried to keep in mind the Teachings of Mother and did their best to put them into practice.

Sacheon, which is located by a clean sea and in the center of Hallyeo Marine National Park, has beautiful natural scenery. The city results from the merging of Sacheon county and Samcheonpo city in 1995. It is an important traffic center where the way to the sea, way to land and the way to the sky are connected by having a port and roads and an airport. Since the Sacheon Church is located in this kind of city, it is also convenient for transportation.

Good things about the area where the Sacheon Church is located are that it has pleasant surroundings because it is located in a residential area and right by a middle and a high school. The members gave thanks to God for blessing them with a new nest in better surroundings and environment so that they can concentrate on preaching.

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