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In Korea

Dedication Service for the Seongnam Sujeong Church

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  • Date | April 02, 2013
In Taepyeong-dong, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam in Korea, the gospel began to be preached in a small house-church 30 years ago. In this region, a big beautiful temple has recently been built. It is a classy four-level white and silver building with the softness of curves on top. In the parking lot in front of the church building, there are streetlamps and a neat flower bed, which ease the hearts of people. The duplex type interior consists of a main worship hall, a fellowship room, an education room, audio visual rooms, a multipurpose hall, an infant’s room, a kids’ room, a cafeteria, etc.

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As a bright and clean temple has been built in a spot where an old and dark building was located, the residents are also happy and say that the town looks brighter. Since it is located right by the road and right in front of a bus stop, people who pass by also stop and take a look at the building. Some people even come inside, wondering what kind of building it is, and receive the truth.

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On April 2, the dedication service for the Seongnam Sujeong Church was held along with the Third-day service. Mother gave a prayer of thanks to Father for blessing them to dedicate a temple, and She also asked Him to bless the members of the Seongnam Sujeong Church so that they might bear abundant fruit, and foster many gospel workers who would display God’s glory, and share brotherly love with one another. She also appreciated the efforts of the members who prayed and worked hard for the temple to be established, and also asked them to always cheer up and overcome all the difficulties on this earth with the full hope for heaven. Mother also gave a word of encouragement, saying, “God has given you a big gracious temple because there are many heavenly family members in this area, so please lead many people, who are living a hard life without hope, to God and receive much reward in heaven.”

General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol congratulated the dedication and wished for unlimited development. During the service, he said, “The kingdom of heaven mentioned in the Bible is a place where we have ‘our Father’ (Mt 6:9) and ‘our Mother’ (Gal 4:26),” and he testified to the fact that we have God the Mother as well as God the Father in heaven. He emphasized the fact, “Darkness retreats and more heavenly family members come from all nations when we shine the bright light of the glory of God the Father and God the Mother who have come to this earth as the true light.” And he added, “There are still many people who miss and are seeking for Father and Mother, so preach the truth in this area and all throughout Seongnam city so that we can share the chance of salvation with everybody in this region.”

On this day, the dedication service was attended by about 1,000 members from the Seongnam Sujeong Church and other nearby Zions in the Sujeonggu area. The members of the Seongnam Sujeong Church found about 150 fruits for the last one month. The members bore the fruit of unity with one mind for the physical and spiritual establishment of the temple, and they said, “We’re overwhelmed by the fact that we are the children of Heavenly Father and Mother and the same heavenly family, seeing the unity of brothers and sisters.” They also showed their new resolution for the gospel to please God by filling up the big temple with good fruits through the blessing God has given them.
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