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In Korea

Dedication Service for the Paju Church in Korea

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  • Date | June 18, 2013
If you take Jayu Street and go along the ridge of Mt. Jangmyeong, you will arrive at Dangha-dong, Paju-si and find the place where God’s Holy Spirit dwells, which is the newly built Church of God in Paju.

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The lot area of the Paju Church is 2,938㎡ [31,624ft2] and its total floor area is 1,152㎡ [12,400ft2]. It consists of three buildings—a main worship building, an education building and a residence building. The education building is equipped with facilities for education and convenience such as a reception room, fellowship rooms, baptism rooms, education rooms, audio-visual rooms, a multipurpose hall, a lounge, a children’s room, a dining hall, and so on. The parking lot is quite large. In front of the church building, there are vast rice paddies and fields which create the scene of a countryside and exude an atmosphere of a hometown. At the back of the building, Unjeong New Town boasts of its bulky apartment buildings within walking distance, following a broad road.

ⓒ 2013 WATV
The Paju Church, which had made particular efforts and offered constant prayers in order to dedicate, to God the Father, an independent church building that is clean, neat and cozy like the arms of Mother, finally held a dedication service on June 18th. The dedication service was held along with the Third-day service. Over 700 members from Paju and neighboring regions filled the main worship hall, the education rooms and the fellowship rooms.

Mother gave thanks to God the Father for granting the spacious and gracious temple. Mother complimented the members on their hard work for the dedication of the temple, and gave abundant blessing of the Holy Spirit to all the members who attended the service. Mother said, “God has granted this new temple because there are our spiritual family members whom we must seek. Let’s please God the Father by filling the empty seats with good fruits.” She also encouraged the members to live with joy and happiness even though they might have difficulties in their lives, hoping for the beautiful kingdom of heaven.

General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol gave a sermon titled, “Preaching, the Holy Mission,” and said, “People like to exaggerate and boast about their strength or achievements though very small, and also admire others’ scientific achievements easily. However, they are very stingy with boasting about God who created the universe and everything in it.” And he encouraged them, saying, “We are the children of God, so we must boast about God and His great achievements a lot.” He explained that preaching is boasting about God and the truth of the new covenant which is God’s great achievement. He asked the members again to boast about God to their hearts’ content in Samaria and to the ends of the earth as people who are entrusted with the gospel” (2 Ti 4:1-2; 1 Th 2:3-4; Ps 20:6-7; Ps 34:2-5; Ps 44:7-8).

Members, who received much realization by the words, “Fruits are born naturally if we boast about God,” reestablished their determination to fill the new temple with beautiful good fruits and to please God by boasting about Him as much as possible like the Apostle Paul.

One of the male adult members, who was very pleased to be able to dedicate the new temple to God, said, “I truly give thanks to God for His grace. After the temple was completed, there have been many good things that have happened. For example, a nearby by-road was widened, and a new road was opened one month earlier than planned.” With a bright smile, he also said, “God has awakened many members from their spiritual sleep while building the temple. I will repay God for His grace by bearing more good fruits, being united with all the members.”
ⓒ 2013 WATV

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