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A Beautiful Journey for Seeking Brothers and Sisters

  • Nation | India
  • Date | September 01, 2003
Now, God's great universal work of the gospel is being done according to His will as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west. In this last age, God has opened a new way and greatly blessed us who are always week and feeble.

Pastor Kim Jeom-gi and Brother Lulun and I, Pastor Kim's wife, packed our bags to go to Mumbai in India, containing in our hearts God's earnest voice calling His lost children, engraving the mission of missionaries dispatched to seek brothers and sisters suffering from a famine of hearing God's word, giving thanks to God who blessed us and entrusted with such a precious mission.

After we kept the 2001 Feast of Tabernacles, the last feast of the year, we got on the train for Mumbai. Brother Lulun was a teacher of English Medium School. It was only one year since he was born again as the child of God. But now, he volunteered to accompany us for evangelizing Mumbai.

At first, we worried about him, for he had lived without difficulties and had no experience as a fellow worker in the gospel. But we firmly believed that God would work if he was sent by God who gives his servants strength.

After 2 day's train and bus trip, we arrived in Mumbai. Mumbai is a wonderful city keeping its temperature between 28℃ and 40℃ all year around. When we arrived there, the rainy season - the monsoon months of June, July and August - ended and the heat of late summer was severe.

Though Mumbai was a strange and unknown city to us, we remembered the invisible hand of God who is always with us at everywhere and prayed that lots of brothers and sisters would gather soon and worship God together at a big and beautiful church. To begin with, we stopped at an inn. Looking for a church building where the Sabbath can be kept holy, preaching the gospel, we started to learn the strange city Mumbai.

The population density of Mumbai ranks the second in the world. 65% of the population is Hindus; 23% is Moslems; 12% is Christians. As the statistical data shows, people are many and storaged buildings are also many. Mumbai is the greatest city in India; it takes several hours by car to reach the outer of the city. And it's a gateway to India and the greatest stock company is here. Though the capital city is New Deli, it is not too much to say that the representative city of India is Mumbai.

In Mumbai, various kinds of languages are spoken. People say the reason is that many people have streamed to Mumbai from other cities to earn money with "Mumbai Dream." Among them, Christians speak English as if it were their mother tongue.

'Where is the place God has prepared for us?' Though we diligently looked for a place of worship for a month, we could find neither the place nor any heavenly brother.

Brother Lulun, speaking English well, seemed to be unaccustomed to walking long time under a hot weather; he soaked his handkerchief into water and wiped his face and arms over and over. He got blisters on his feet and limped slightly; he seemed to feel pain. However, he did not show any sign of pain and carried out his mission with patience.

As about one month passed, we found a place which seemed to be suitable for worshiping God. How joyful we were at that moment!

However, the owner who was a Moslem didn't get rid of his idol, a picture of Mosque. He said that if he had to remove the picture, he would not rent the house. After all, he told us to go out by next morning. It was dark outside. However, we had to go out that night into the street. Though we always believed that God guides us and blesses us, when we were sent out into night streets, we didn't know what to do.

All things of this bleak city seemed to be meaningless to us. Not finding even one brother or place of worship, we trembled in loneliness as if we'd been left in the wilderness. 'If only we can meet one brother or sister.... only one soul...' We came here to deliver the good news of salvation, the Passover of life. But we were refused. Nobody would listen to God's word. Sorrow welled up within me.

At that time, the images of Father and Mother walking alone the paths of thorn came into my mind vividly. Though God, who can shout a command to the whole universe, came into the earth to save sinners and stretched out his hand to them without any conditions, men didn't recognize the Creator who made themselves and rather mocked and scorned and despised Him. Nevertheless, Father and Mother trod the thorny paths for us, children, without saying anything until sharing Their life. At the thought of Father and Mother I burst into tears.

'O, heavenly Father and Mother! You came to that which was Your own, but Your own did not receive You, rather despised and rejected You. Your 37 year path which You trod for us sinners was such a lonely and sorrowful, dreary and painful way? O God! You are true love!'

Wiping tears that streamed endlessly, I eagerly desired to meet my brothers and sisters wandering somewhere.

Next day, to our surprise, God allowed us a church building in favorable conditions and we could prepare a nest for our brothers and sisters dispersed over India. Needless to say, afterwards We didn't need to worry about the matter of our staying and devoted ourselves only to seek for our loving brothers and sisters.

Later, we knew that the building which we tried to obtain at the first time was not proper for members to come in and out. Then we realized the will of God who foresaw the future and guided us.

While we were diligently preaching, December came and we only strived to find our lost brother and sisters out of sheer desire to keep the last Sabbath of the month together with them. As time passed day after day, our desire became more fervent. Yes, it was very that day. We found a lost brother, Rodney , in the strange city Mumbai.

When we met him, he looked in low spirits as if something sad had happened to him. Listening to God's word, he lamented, " Indeed, I've been seeking for true God. I've desired to know many things about the Bible. If I ask priests something about the Bible, they do not give me answers to my satisfaction. Strange to say, recently, numerous images of Virgin Mary, cross and saints oppressed me, that I didn't go to church. All looks meaningless. What can I do?"

Seeing him thirsty for the truth, I thought he might be our brother. Pathetics arose from my heart. Lulun, too, became excited in the thought that he met his brother at last. He delivered God's word in trembling voice.

Rodney listened to God's sweet and wonderful words as if a rice paddy cracked by the prolonged drought absorbed water. He always answered, "Right." From that day, Rodney studied God's words every day and became vivacious as if a patient recovered from a serious illness.

By the way, when we encouraged him to receive the truth by baptism, he asked us how many members attended the Church of God in Mumbai. As to an Indian, the church which he belongs to holds sway over his life from his birth to his grave. Changing one's church is a risky attempt. It was difficult to answer him, but Pastor Kim frankly said, "You will be the first member." At his word, Rodney was dismayed and estranged from us after that day.

Our hearts broke. We could do nothing except watching a feeble man who could not break the shell of men's traditions, though he loved God's word, and was going to remain in the chokey shell, rather than come out to a free and open world. We felt pity for him who couldn't keep treasure, though he found it. On the other hand, we were so sorry for we'd not found any lost brother.

"O my merciful God! Have pity on the feeble soul. Let him hold on to Your word giving eternal life. Let him overcome all the troubles coming from the flesh, that he may walk again the bright way to heaven. Forgive us who do not lead him to You. Now give us wisdom and strength to guide our lost brothers to You according to Your will."

Though Pastor Kim and Brother Lulun and I didn't talk openly, we could feel each other's heart crying out to heaven. Yet, we were not dismayed. We resolved not to stop praying for him, waiting for his coming back. And again we went out to seek for another brother.

On Friday evening just before the last Sabbath of December, the phone rang loudly in the Church. It was Rodney . It was a week since we'd lost contact with him. On the next day, Sabbath, Rodney was born as a heavenly child, receiving forgiveness of sin and promise of salvation. He resolved to live in the light as God's child. He kept the Sabbath holy and received God's blessing abundantly.

God had heard our prayers. He came back. Moreover, his family came to Zion. And other lost heavenly brothers - Vincent, Stephen, Camilo, Clayton... - were found. They said, "It's the very truth that we've sought for." Now they cherish the eternal heavenly treasure in their hearts, giving thanks to God.

Afterwards, Rodney went to Dubai for his job. There, he diligently preached God's word and bore a good fruit and celebrated this Passover together with him. Some members who desired to meet Mother had a chance to visit Korea. And some became evangelists preaching every day.

What touched my heart most was their earnest prayers coming from their deep heart. After they realized Elohim, they've prayed that they may please Father and Mother by seeking for the rest brothers and sisters quickly. We hope that their prayer will reach heavenly Father and the Mumbai Church will be filled with heavenly brothers and sisters and the Church of God will be established in each region in India.

Father and Mother, we give thanks to You. You prepared a beautiful place for Mumbai members and have guided loving brothers and sisters to Mumbai Zion.

Heavenly Father and Mother, You are the source of life of all the living beings and the source of our strength. You pray for us every day. You are truly our God.

Father and Mother, we love You, and thank You. Amen.
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