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General Assembly 2014: Mother’s Love Perfecting the Year of Jubilee

At 10 a.m., on the 31st, the worship service for the General Assembly 2014 was held at the Promise Temple of the institute with title holders from the Head Office and the pastoral staff attended.

Korea | March 31, 2014

Dedication Service for the Churches of God in Gongdeok and in Mapo, Seoul, Korea

Following the dedication service at the Eunpyeong Church on Feb. 25, the Gongdeok Church and the Mapo Church, too, celebrated the establishment of their new temples on March 4.

Korea | March 04, 2014

Semester Opening Service for University Students 2014

On March 2, the Semester Opening Service for University Students 2014 was held at the gymnasium of the Okcheon Go&Come Training Institute.

Korea | March 02, 2014

Dedication Service for the Church of God in Eunpyeong, Seoul, Korea

On February 25, the Eunpyeong Church in Seoul had the dedication service for its independent church building and gave thanks and glory to God Elohim.

Korea | February 25, 2014

2014 Healing Concert with Mother’s Heart

The Messiah Orchestra formed chamber orchestra teams to present the blessing and grace of God Elohim to more people as well as to celebrate the year of jubilee, the 50th anniversary of the Church of God. Furthermore, the orchestra organized the program more meaningfully, and the concert is now being carried out nationwide.

Korea | February 09, 2014

Dedication Service for Church of God in Anseong, Korea

In 2014, the Anseong Church was blessed with the first dedication service of the New Year.

Korea | January 21, 2014

If You Want to Spend a Special Vacation, Join the Student Camp of the Church of God!

Welcoming the winter vacation, the Churches of God carried out the “2014 Winter Student Camp” for about one month of January.

Korea | January 02, 2014

Year of Jubilee Proclaimed to All People in the World

The commemoration event was held at the Okcheon Go&Come Training institute to greet the hopeful New Year and to celebrate the birth of Christ and the fiftieth anniversary of the church.

Korea | January 01, 2014

“We Miss You Mother”

On December 24, 2013, around 80 conscripted policemen belonging to the Nambu Police Station in Daegu visited the Bukgu Church in Daegu for seeing “Our Mother” writing and Photo exhibition.

Korea | December 24, 2013

14th Melchizedek Literary Awards

On December 8, the 14th Melchizedek Literary Awards was held on the 12th floor at the WMC building in Bundang.

Korea | December 08, 2013
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