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Carrying the Compass of Truth, and Being Empowered by Mother’s Love

Every one of us in the Shillong Church, who were born with Mother’s prayer and tears, will blow the trumpet of the gospel constantly until Mother’s glory shines throughout the world and we go back to our heavenly home with Mother.

India | October 11, 2012

The Berlin Church’s “The Worldwide Blood Drive to Give Life Through the Love of the Passover”

On September 10, the Berlin Church in Germany held a blood drive at the Haema Blood Bank [Haema-Blutspendezentrum].

Berlin | September 10, 2012

Accomplishing World Evangelism Through Mother’s Love and With a Frontier Spirit

The pioneers today are the workers of the new covenant who are powerfully preaching the truth and proclaiming the glory of Elohim, crisscrossing all regions of America where the light of the gospel has not yet reached.

USA | September 07, 2012

Faith, Hope and Love—the Greatest of These Is Love

I will always pay attention to the words of Mother and fulfill the gospel in the Philippines quickly by preaching the gospel far and wide, so that no one will fail to be saved without hearing the good news of salvation.

Philippines | August 20, 2012

A smile to children who are in pain

On August 12, the members of the Church of God in Hamburg, Germany, visited the Sternenbrüecke Children’s Hospice and helped take care of the facilities.

Germany | August 12, 2012

The Church of God in Phoenix, USA, held the 126th Worldwide Blood Drive to Give Life Through the Love of the Passover

On July 15, the Church of God in Phoenix, AZ, USA, held the “126th Worldwide Blood Drive to Give Life Through the Love of the Passover.”

USA | July 15, 2012

The Church of God in Mexico City, Mexico, carried out a volunteer medical service with the “love of Mother”

The members from the Church of God in Mexico City performedthe “Volunteer Medical Service With Mother’s Love” at Maza de Juarez in Chilpancingo on July 8.

Mexico | July 08, 2012

God Accomplishes His Great Work Through Those Who Display Jerusalem's Glory

In order to display the glory of Jerusalem our Heavenly Mother, we will fill our hearts with the Holy Spirit, follow Her example and work hard at preaching Her love.

Chicago, USA | June 19, 2012

Ten Times More Blessings for Those Who Have Become One

I will do my best to truly please Mother by joyfully carrying out the gospel work in unity with the members this year.

Australia | May 29, 2012

The Country of Passion Burning for the Gospel

We, the members of the Brasilia Church, will pour out all our strength and all the burning fervor of our hearts into proclaiming the holy name of our Father and the glory of our Mother throughout Brazil, so that we will quickly complete the gospel work in Brazil.

Brazil | April 05, 2012
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