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The International Bible Seminar 2013

  • Nation | Korea
  • Date | November 03, 2013
On November 3 and 7, the International Bible Seminar 2013 was held at the Okcheon Go&Come Training Institute and at the international conference room of the Head Office located in Bundang, Seongnam City, Korea.

Many of the world’s great scholars, scientists, and specialists as well as the pastoral staff who study the Bible every day participated in the seminar. People who were curious to know about God the Mother, and around 100 foreigners who visited Korea from 25 countries such as the USA, the UK, Australia, Peru, Mexico, and Malaysia attended the seminar and listened to the presentations carefully.

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The theme of the seminar was “The Existence and Necessity of God the Mother Whom the Bible and Science Testify about.” Experts in various areas of the world cast light upon the existence of God the Mother, Her love, and the importance of Her role, with specific examples and evidence associated with their fields of expertise. As each presentation of the seminar was based on rich experience and study of experts, it was in-depth, professional and objective.

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Before the presentation, General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol made a keynote address with a title “God the Mother Testified in the Bible.” He said, “God referred to Himself as ‘we’ in the book of Genesis. And the word ‘Elohim,’ which means ‘Gods,’ appears more than 2,500 times in the Bible. This has been the mystery of the Bible which the Bible scholars have been unable to solve for over thousands of years. But it’s easy only when we find the existence of God the Mother in the Bible.” And he repeatedly emphasized that humankind must find God the Mother testified in the Bible to receive salvation.

There were six presenters. At the seminar which was held on November 3, Mr. August Kruesi, the technical principal from an American rocket manufacturer, Aerojet Rocketdyne, made out the case for existence of God the Mother with the topic, “The Source of Life in the Universe Is Our Heavenly Mother”; Mr. Paul Wilcox, the country director of both Koreas in Northeast Asia Policy Division from the United States Pacific Command, “The Love of Mother Brings Balance”; and Ms. Destinee Chambers, the professor of neuropsychology at American International College located in Massachusetts in the United States, “Mother’s Love: A Neuropsychological Snapshot.” On November 7, Mr. Jorge Maza, the former Principal of Air Force Academy of Peru made a presentation with the title “Mother, the Master Key to the Administration of Salvation”; Mr. Elías Caicedo, the doctor and the chief director of Surveillance and Sanitary Control of Health Department in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, “Mitochondrial Inheritance”; and Mr. Carlos Gutiérrez, the professor of Sanches Carrion National University in Huacho, Peru, “The Veracity of the Existence of God Mother with Historical and Psychological Viewpoints.” They emphasized why we need God the Mother for the salvation of our souls.

The attendants who listened to the presentations of the world’s greatest scholars all said that they could understand more about God the Mother as the specialists of the world in various areas testified about God the Mother with scientific and objective evidence. They were determined once again to testify about God the Mother diligently to poor souls who are not able to drink the water of life as they do not know about God the Mother, as well as spreading Mother’s love all the more.

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