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General Assembly 2016

  • Nation | Korea
  • Date | March 06, 2016
On March 6, 2016, three days before the New Year by the sacred calendar, the General Assembly 2016 was held under the slogan, “Worldwide Movement to Preach to 7 Billion People with Mother’s Heart.” The pastoral staff members in and out of Korea gathered in the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple and participated in the General Assembly for five days and four nights, where they settled the last year’s gospel work, which left rich accomplishments than any other years. They also drew up the gospel development direction for the year 2016.

ⓒ 2016 WATV

In the opening worship held on March 6, and in the New Year worship on March 9 [the first day of the first month by the sacred calendar], title holders such as the elders, the elderesses, and missionaries who have contributed to the growth of our church from early days as well as the pastoral staff members and their wives participated, making the assembly more meaningful.

Through the two worship services, Mother gave much consolation and applause of encouragement to Her children for their much effort to spread the gospel in their given positions, and taught them the virtues that title holders must become greater vessels. Mother particularly emphasized love and unity, saying, “Just as God loves His children, when you love your brothers and sisters, treat them with humility, understanding, and consideration, take pity on them, and give grace by speaking what is helpful for building them up, the great gospel work will be fulfilled through the perfect unity.”

ⓒ 2016 WATV

Mother also said, “The Bible was given to change sinful heavenly children into God’s perfect people. What is more important than knowing the words is putting them into practice. Let’s go forward to the kingdom of heaven by practicing God’s will without forgetting the precious realization Father granted (Rev 3:10–12; Col 3:1–4; 2 Ti 3:12; 1 Co 13:1–13; Php 2:2–8; Eph 5:1–14; 1 Pe 3:8–11; Jas 5:7–10; 1 Th 4:16–17; Rev 20:11–15).

The General Assembly schedules consisted of “Presentation of Gospel Plan 2016,” “Worldwide Pastoral Staff Forum,” and “Gospel Result Report by Continent,” where the vision of the movement to preach to seven billion people was presented and its plan was drawn up.

At the pastoral staff forum, General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol delivered the keynote address: “For the year 2015, we’ve found many heavenly family members throughout the world despite many difficulties. Let’s believe that greater blessings will be granted in the New Year, and fulfill our mission joyfully with a smile and loving heart.” He prayed that the world evangelism would be accomplished quickly through the members’ unity.

The pastoral staff members shared the gospel work case reports, and planned the gospel development through discussion. Looking forward to the day when many souls will stream according to the prophecies of the Bible, they prepared for the future in detail. Their faces showed their firm will to complete the great work of saving all mankind.

All the schedules of the General Assembly 2016 were carried out in the presence of the Holy Spirit and finished on March 10. The movement to preach to 7 billion people is expected to speed up in unity between the pastoral staff, who returned to their churches in Mother’s encouragement and blessings of the Holy Spirit, and the members who keep pace with them.