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The 68th Overseas Visiting Group

  • Nation | Korea
  • Date | July 04, 2016
ⓒ 2016 WATV

About one month after the 67th Overseas Visiting Group, another visiting group arrived in Korea on July 4. The 68th Overseas Visiting Group consisted of 200 members who were full of passion for the gospel came from the 70 churches in nine countries―the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, United Arab Emirates, and India.

Mother gladly welcomed the members who visited Korea despite global economic crisis and many difficulties, and blessed them to receive much blessing of the Holy Spirit and to become great gospel workers. At the opening worship service for the overseas visiting group, Mother Herself gave a lesson under the subject, “Be joyful always.” At the words of Mother, “Though there are many worries in the world, as God who grants salvation is with us and we have the eternal kingdom of heaven, let us overcome difficulties we go through on the way to heaven and be joyful always,” all the visiting group members were greatly encouraged. During the Third-day service, Mother asked the members to do good deeds as sons and daughters of God, to put into practice the best love of saving souls through preaching, and to enjoy true joy, through the sermon, “Be imitators of God.”

ⓒ 2016 WATV

While the members, who were joyful to meet Mother and to learn teachings from Her, were following the schedules like Bible Seminar and visits to holy places, the good news was delivered to double their joy: General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol returned to Korea with the Queen’s Award from Elizabeth II after finishing the awards ceremony. At the news, the 68th Overseas Visiting Group members shouted for joy and gave thanks and glory to God for such a great gift. In particular, the brothers and sisters from the member countries of the Commonwealth such as India, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Singapore expected that this award would be a great help to the world evangelism. Deacon Madhu from India said, “The Queen’s Award is greatly respected in India that many people will have a good feeling toward the Church of God for winning the award. In India, many high-ranking officials are moved by our volunteer services that they willingly participate in our activities.”

On the 10th, the overseas visiting group members participated in the Queen’s Award celebration event and shared joy, receiving a rich welcome from over 11,000 Korean members. After finishing all the schedules, the visiting members went back to their countries with excitement, expressing their resolution: “We will share the joy of receiving the award with our brothers and sisters when we return, and quickly deliver the gospel, the most joyful news of going to heaven, to all people in our country.”

ⓒ 2016 WATV