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Dedication Service for the Churches of God in Yeoju and Daejeon Jungchon, Korea

  • Nation | Korea
  • Date | June 28, 2016
In keeping with the mission to preach to seven billion people, two gospel cradles that will embrace the new members, who are coming to the Church of God like the waves rolling in, were established: the Yeoju Church and the Daejeon Jungchon Church in Korea. On the evenings of June 28 and July 12, the dedication services for these churches were held respectively along with the Third-day service.

Mother offered up the prayer of thanks to God the Father for allowing such great and blessed temples and gave blessings over the new big temples so that they would be filled with God-loving people. Mother also expressed Her gratitude to the members who had made great efforts until the temples were dedicated, and welcomed the local members whom She saw up close after a long time through the dedication service. Mother encouraged them all, saying, “Even though we encounter much hardship in our daily lives, let us always cheer up with hope for heaven, as the kingdom of heaven where there is no worry and no pain is reserved for us.”

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At the Yeoju Church, General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol gave a sermon under the subject, “All the prophecies of the Bible are surely fulfilled with the power of God’s word” (Ge 1:1–8; Mt 24:14). At the dedication service for the Daejeon Jungchon Church, he delivered God’s words under the subject, “Let us resemble God.” He emphasized, “Let us resemble God who is love and be fully united in love. The essence of the gospel is the valuable spiritual volunteer service and the practice of the greatest love. Realizing this, let us do our hardest in saving dying souls” (1 Jn 4:7–21; Mk 1:35–38; 2 Ti 4:1–2). On the faces of the members who replied powerfully, “Amen,” their firm resolution to carry out the mission was seen.

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The Yeoju Church

The Yeoju Church is located in the clean area where the Namhangang River flows peacefully and the beautiful riverside and fertile plains spread around the river. Its refined and neat appearance blends with its surroundings and attracts people’s attention.

The Yeoju Church members are actively carrying out volunteer services such as environmental cleanups in the streets and around parks and helping the ailing elderly and the disabled, as well as preaching the gospel enthusiastically. As it has been with the citizens as a good neighbor for over ten years, the governmental offices like the city hall and the city council sent their congratulations on its dedication service.

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The Daejeon Jungchon Church

The Daejeon Jungchon Church consisted of two major buildings: the main temple with a graceful figure and the education center with the European exterior. The church aims at “communication with neighbors” and delivers hope and happiness to those who are exhausted from their tough daily lives through various events. The members showed their resolution to diligently put into practice God’s teachings which is all about love: “Volunteer services with love bring joy and inspiration to many people. We can confirm it through the Queen’s Award which was given to us as the result of practicing love.”