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The Church of God Is Awarded by the Korean Minister of Health and Welfare

  • Nation | Korea
  • Date | June 14, 2018
ⓒ 2018 WATV
“We offer this certificate to the Church of God for its outstanding contribution to protecting the lives of people and promoting the blood drive culture by actively conducting blood drives with the spirit of love and service.”

On June 14, the 15th World Blood Donor Day, the Church of God received the plaque of recognition from the Korean Minister of Health and Welfare. In 2004, to raise awareness of the importance of blood donation and express gratitude to blood donors, the World Blood Donor Day was appointed by four blood donation related organizations: World Health Organization [WHO], International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies [IFRC], International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations [IFBDO], and International Society of Blood Transfusion [ISBT]. The Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare selects individuals and organizations that endeavor to spread the culture of blood donation and awards them each year.

ⓒ 2018 WATV

On June 25, Cho Nam-seon, the Chief of Seoul Nambu Branch of Korean Red Cross, gave the award plaque to the church at the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple, and expressed appreciation: “As we’ve entered the era of an aging population, the number of blood donors is decreasing while the number of patients who need blood transfusion is increasing. I believe that the Church of God’s group blood drive, especially the unprecedentedly high participation rate of the middle-aged will become embers for the blood donation culture to settle.” Chief Cho also praised the attitude of the members, “They take care of their health from a few days before the blood drive. I was surprised to see them come to donate blood before going to work or school.”

ⓒ 2018 WATV

Blood cannot be made artificially and there are no substitutes for it, so regular blood donation from healthy citizens is needed. In Korea, the dependency rate on the blood drive from schools and military bases is high, and the blood supply and demand is not smooth that it imports blood from other countries every year. So the Church of God has been holding the “Blood Drive to Give Life through the Love of the Passover” to commemorate the sacrifice of Christ who opened the way of salvation with the precious blood of the Passover of the new covenant, and to help neighbors in danger. From the early 2000s to the present, over 900 blood drives have been held and more than 190,000 members have participated; among them, around 82,000 successfully donated blood.

“It was a result of obeying the word of God the Father and God the Mother, ‘Become the salt and light of the world.’ We will continue to carry out volunteer services so that our families, neighbors, and seven billion people can live happy lives,” said General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol, regarding the award.