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The 75th Overseas Visiting Group

  • Nation | Korea
  • Date | July 10, 2019
ⓒ 2019 WATV
During summer when green leaves were in full bloom, the 75th Overseas Visiting Group visited Korea. The group, whose schedule began on July 10, consisted of more than 250 members from 175 churches in 41 countries. The majority of the members were university students in their 20s with plans and dreams for their future. Their cultures, languages, and races were all different as they came from many countries in all continents, for example, Mongolia and Hong Kong in East Asia, Argentina in South America which is on the opposite side of the earth from Korea, Finland in Northern Europe, and Botswana in inland Africa. In accordance with the prophecies of the Bible, they were all carried into the arms of New Jerusalem Mother, the spring of the water of life (Eze 47:1–9; Gal 4:26).

Mother held their hands, one by one. Mother was delighted to meet them who came from a far and said She had greatly missed them. Mother prayed for them to receive much blessing, during every worship service and event. “You are all following in the footsteps of Father with fervor and sacrifice. Apostle Paul devoted himself to the gospel work without feeling tired after realizing the value of the new covenant and grace of salvation. Like him, let’s realize the love of God who endured the pain of death for sinners so that we won’t fall into sinful temptations or give in to hardships. Let’s focus on saving souls to the end,” Mother asked the overseas members who are working hard for the gospel despite their busy schedules with schools and work to make a living (Col 3:1; Jas 4:4; Ecc 2:7–11).

General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol emphasized the importance of unity. “In times of Joshua and Gideon, God’s people gained victory over their enemies when all of them shouted together in obedience to God’s word. Let’s arise and shine the light of truth together so that we can turn people of all nations to God and accomplish Jesus’ command, ‘Make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you,’ ” he said, planting the gospel vision to preach to seven billion people in their hearts (Jos 6:1–5; Jdg 7:1–21; Mt 28:18–20; Isa 60:1–5; Ro 8:16–18).

ⓒ 2019 WATV
Under the special care of Mother and the love and consideration of Korean members who greeted them with “We love you!” wherever they went, the overseas members had various experiences such as visiting neighboring churches and the Church of God History Museum and attending the Global Leadership Conference for University Students 2019. Through an event held at the Okcheon Go&Come Training Institute, they shared the gospel vision with Korean young adult and student members.

“Through this visit, I’ve realized that I’m not alone. As a child of Father and Mother who are full of love, when we all do our best to fulfill the mission in given circumstances, we will easily finish preaching the gospel to seven billion people,” said Sister Paola Rendon from New Windsor, NY, U.S. “Throughout the schedule with young adult members from many countries, I felt their firm determination to accomplish the gospel mission. I’ve become confident that we can surely preach to all people in the world,” said Brother Rocky Fernandes from Pune, India. The New Song they sang in Korean during the last worship service before they departed for their home countries showed their determination and excitement to accomplish the gospel mission:

“O you, stars of Zion! O youth like the dew of the dawn! Arise and let us shine the light! Let’s shine the glory of our Mother! Elohim, our God, has given us all power and strength. Now, let us arise, youths of Zion, let us arise!”