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2009 Overseas University Student Visiting Group

  • Nation | South Korea
  • Date | August 09, 2009
ⓒ 2009 WATV
On August 9, the Overseas University Student Visiting Group members were carried in the arms of Heavenly Jerusalem, riding on a fast-flowing stream of prophecy. The university student members from 35 Churches in 17 countries on six continents-North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania-visited Korea to fulfill their mission as the prophetic protagonists in this age by fully realizing the love and sacrifice of God Elohim and the value of the gospel.

Mother waited for the overseas students till late at night and welcomed each and every soul warmly with Her love, giving them endless comfort and encouragement. Mother personally took care of every detail-their bedding, meals and the like, so that they would not feel uncomfortable while staying in Korea. She listened to all of their sermon presentation one after another and blessed them to be great gospel workers by putting on the full armor of the Holy Spirit, so they could take the lead in saving the world.

The overseas university students were greatly moved by Heavenly Mother’s love they personally experienced from the moment they arrived in Korea. During their stay in Korea, they participated in the “2009 Summer Training Workshop for World University Students” held for five days and four nights, along with the Korean university student members. Through the workshop, they set up definite and specific goals in the gospel to fulfill the mission of the young adults like the dew of the dawn in this age. While concentrating on studying the words of truth at the Head Office [WMC], they also took part in a variety of programs-Church of God History Museum Visit, Korea Campus Tour, International Bible Seminar, etc. Besides, they attended worship services at the New Jerusalem Temple, the Daejeon Seogu Church, the Dongdaemun Church, and the Gwanak Church, and shared heavenly love with Korean members.

ⓒ 2009 WATV
Throughout their schedules, the overseas university students engraved the love of Elohim deep within their hearts, and improved their faith and preaching ability. They all expressed their burning enthusiasm for the gospel. Brother Simphiwe from Cape Town in South Africa, who received the truth just five months ago, said, “I can’t describe in words how amazing Heavenly Mother’s love is. When I return, I will manifest Mother’s great love through my changed attitude by preaching the gospel fervently.” Sister Jasmin from Los Angeles, USA, also revealed her firm resolution, saying, “Every moment of my stay here, I was able to feel and experience Mother’s love. If we didn’t visit Korea, how could I realize such amazing love? When I go back, I’d like to share this grace with many brothers and sisters and will awaken the young adult members, so I can accomplish the mission of the gospel without fail.”

ⓒ 2009 WATV
The overseas university student members who have been called to devote themselves willingly to God’s work as protagonists of the prophecy! They are taking vigorous steps to prepare to make history in the gospel which can surprise the whole world, as the Bible prophesies, “Your beginning will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be” (Job 8:7).