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The Church of God That Believes in God the Mother

  • TV | Telemundo
  • Nation | USA
  • Date | May 14, 2012

Anchor woman: Most of the Christian religions speak about God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. However, there is a Church here in Chicago that believes in the existence of God the Mother. Alba Mendiola talks about those who believe in Her and those who dispute this theory.

Reporter: How many ways are there to come to God? This depends on which religion you ask. For the World Mission Society Church of God in Naperville, the metropolitan area of Chicago, there is only one way.

D. Salomon: The Bible testifies to us of many prophecies which have been fulfilled one by one. But the primary one is about the existence of God the Mother.

Reporter: Salomon, is one of more than 350 members of this local branch which is a part of a very fast growing Church throughout the world including such countries like Peru, Mexico, Guatemala and Columbia in Latin America.
There are more than 2,000 branch churches in 150 countries. For the millions of members of this Church, God the Mother is not only a divine entity or a religious concept, but a woman in the flesh who lives and preaches the words of the Bible in Seoul, Korea.
Her name is Zahng Gil-jah. To those who practice this religion she is considered a divine deity. She attracts thousands of visitors to this Asian country. Some of those who believe in her have professed to have had a spiritual encounter when embracing her.

D. Salomon: She is God the Mother. She is the New Jerusalem who came from heaven. She was born in South Korea, and was presented at the last Passover celebrated by our Father Christ Ahnsahnghong who is the Second Coming of Christ. He revealed her before He ascended to heaven to fulfill what is prophesied in the Bible.

Reporter: But just like any other religion, this cannot escape skepticism and questioning.
According to this Catholic theology professor in Chicago, what we know about God is very little. She assures that God is in all of us.

Catholic Theology professor: According to the Catholic perspective, God has no gender . . . is part of our entity and we were created in the image of God . . . but this means that we are female and male, human beings—people.
Reporter: However for all of these believers of this Church, the One who they consider God the Mother has changed their lives.

Salomon: I feel happy to be here because I never felt the joy of being in the Church of God . . .
Reporter: Rosa grew up Catholic, but less than 10 years ago assures about finding the light and the way of truth.

D. Rosa: Surely, it changes our lives because now we see the world differently, from the way we saw it before. Before we only lived to maintain our lives in this world, but now, by knowing who God is, we have to believe in God for our spiritual life.

Reporter: With these beliefs, these believers are expecting to open more churches in the United States.
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