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People Who Believe in "God the Mother"

  • Magazine | Monthly Chosun (Seo Cheol-in)
  • Nation | Korea
  • Date | March 01, 2009


World Mission Society Church of God
People Who Believe in "God the Mother"

Delivering the "Love of Mother", the Church of God has grown to 1.1 million registered members with 400 branch Churches in Korea and 1,000 overseas branches (by the Church of God's statistical data). Missionaries have been sent to 150 countries.

"Why is there only God the Father? Why isn't there God the Mother?"

Most people have probably wondered about this at least once while reading the Bible, even if they are not Christians. Not many verses in the Bible directly talk about the existence of God the Mother, but there are many verses that express the femininity of God, which accounts for God the Mother.

". . . the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother." (Galatians 4:26)

"One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls full of the seven last plagues came and said to me, 'Come, I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb.' " (Revelation 21:9)

"The Spirit and the bride say, 'Come!' And let him who hears say, 'Come!' Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life." (Revelation 22:17)

"Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!" (Isa 49:15)

In regard to the femininity of God which is shown throughout the Bible, some scholars in women's studies speculate, "The reason God is described as Father is because the Bible was written when society was led by the male-oriented patriarchal culture."

The above quote is based on the premise that God cannot be defined as either male or female, or that God is both masculine and feminine at the same time.

In addition, it has often been proposed that God is not singular but plural. That reason is because of the Hebrew word "Elohim" which appears in the Old Testament. "Elohim" is the plural term of "Eloah" which means a singular God, and the word "Elohim" is mentioned over 2,500 times in the Old Testament.

In the Bible, "Elohim" is translated into "we." Why does the Bible record God, who is known as the one and only, as "we"? Especially the verse, ". . . God said, 'Let us make man in our image, in our likeness . . .' " (Genesis 1:26) has been regarded as an unsolved mystery among the experts who have studied and interpreted the Bible for a long time.

In the book, "Mysteries in the Bible," published by Reader's Digest in the early 1990's, various interpretations of "Elohim" have been given by scholars. The ancient Jewish philosopher Philo said, "Elohim is the reflection of human characteristics that is good and evil at the same time." Some scholars who studied about the early Church asserted, "It refers to the existence of Jesus who was with God when He created the heavens and the earth." Afterwards, some theologians brought forth diverse interpretations such as: "It is just an expression showing the close relationship between the kingdom of God and the human world," "It indicates God Himself and the angels," as well as many other interpretations.

Rapid Growth Since the Year 2000

The World Mission Society Church of God (hereinafter the Church of God) is a religious organization which believes in not only God the Father but also God the Mother. Although existing denominations have different points of view about this, they all acknowledge the rapid growth of the Church.

The Church of God is a newly established religious organization that started in 1964. The Church explains, "As of January 2009, there are 1.1 million registered members (international and domestic) with 400 branch Churches in Korea and 1,000 branches overseas. Missionaries have been sent to 150 countries."

"Femininity" is a world-wide norm in the 21st century. In every walk of society, delicate and soft tolerance is welcomed rather than tough and hard authoritarianism.

The Church of God has emphasized, "Mother's love is the key to world peace." The Monthly Chosun covered the Church out of curiosity to see whether the Church's rapid growth is related to the social trend or phenomenon. In regard to its speedy growth, the members of the Church of God say, "It is because of Mother's love." Then, what is this "Mother's love" that they are talking about?

Questions About the Bible

We, reporters, visited the main temple of the Church of God located at Imae-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do and interviewed some members. Mrs. Gu Ja-in (56) said, "I have attended this Church for over 10 years. The source of life is Mother. She warmly embraces her children who are sinners."

She added, "I started to read the Bible when I was a child in the third grade and seriously studied about Christianity in a Christian high school. However, the more I looked into the Bible, the more curious I got rather than become closer to the truth. Reading Genesis 1:26 which states, 'Let us make man in our image, in our likeness,' I wondered who else was a part of 'us' except God the Father? When I read Revelation 22 where the 'bride' appears, I was confused whether or not the bride meant a catholic priest (because the two words 'bride' and 'catholic priest' are spelt the same in the Korean language). I was full of questions. As I asked my elder sister who went to church, she told me that if I tried to figure out the Bible, I would not grow in faith."

Mrs. Gu said, "I believed what a pastor had told me that there was the truth in the Bible, and made every effort to follow in the footsteps of Christ who came 2,000 years ago. However the more I tried to follow Him, the more questions I had. I was so distressed." To relieve her distress, she visited churches here and there and carefully read books about Christianity. However, there was not a single church that could give her a clear answer, leaving her even more confused because each church celebrated different days for Christ. She intentionally suppressed the questions continually popping up in her head, with a vague expectation that, "When the due time comes, someone will solve this problem for me." Then for a little while she stopped going to church altogether.

Mrs. Gu started to go to church again after she gave birth to her children. She said, "While reading the Bible with my children, because I still believed in God and wanted to follow His word, I became afraid that my children would have to wonder about the same questions someday after they grew up."

Meanwhile, she found out about the Church of God through one of her acquaintances. She says, "After finding out the existence of Mother, I had all my questions answered." Mrs. Kim Min-gyeong (39), who has attended the Church of God since 1998, said, "Although I was born a Christian, I was an unfaithful believer who was going to church not because I longed for heaven, but because I feared hell."

Feeling Solidarity as the Same Gender, Female

"I had gone to a church for over 20 years, but my faith was not firm. Even when I graduated from my university, I hadn't even read the Bible once. I was very shocked when my neighbor said to me, "According to the Bible, the Sabbath day is Saturday, not Sunday."

From that time on, Mrs. Kim began to read the Bible fervently. Then she realized that the rituals she had blindly followed till then were quite different from those in the Bible, and she began to open her heart toward God the Mother whom her neighbor explained to her. She said, "It took me one year to accept Mother because of my fixed idea that God is only the Father."

She continued saying, "While studying the Bible, I recognized that it is natural that we are born of our spiritual Father and Mother just as we are given birth through our human parents. Even tiny creatures are male and female, and they are born of their parents. I was able to easily understand about Mother, while raising my child who didn't want to leave me even a second because of his separation anxiety. Just as my child is relieved when I am close by, I was relieved after I found out the existence of Mother. I became emotionally stable."

In regard to God the Mother, she said, "Because of the solidarity that both God the Mother and I are the same gender, female, and experience the same maternity, I am able to understand Mother just as a daughter understands her mother." She said that she came to truly understand how God created His children on earth and how much God loves them, believing in the existence of Mother.

Her husband, who was an atheist, worried about her because she was so zealous for her faith. He visited the Church of God to examine what kind of organization the Church is, and after a few weeks he too became a believer. Mrs. Kim said, "My husband felt warmheartedness from the Church members, and saw how different they were from the people he knew."

Strict Father, Merciful Mother

Her husband suffered from the eldest-son complex, which meant he felt burdened with the excessive responsibility for his family as the eldest son, but now he has taken off this bondage of life and lives free from anxiety. Mrs. Kim said, "I am happy when I try to practice Mother's love in my daily life, such as picking up trash on the street and serving sanitation workers or security guards at my apartment with beverages."

Park Byeong-wook (26) who is a senior at Seoul National University is a member of the Orchestra of the Church of God. He has attended this Church since 1993 when he was baptized in the third grade along with his mother.

He said, "I was influenced by my mother who was a devout Christian, and have been exposed to the Bible since I was young. She always read to us the Children's Bible before my younger sister and I went to bed. Thanks to my mother, I was able to believe in God early in my childhood days. Back then, as far as I knew, God was strict and fearful like a father who disciplines his child when he or she does something wrong. Later on, God the Mother whom I came to know in the Church of God was like my own mother who embraced me with a warm and merciful love."

After high-school, while studying for the university entrance exam a second time, he participated in Bible studies to further his understanding about the Bible. As a result, he was assured that God the Father is of strict laws and decrees, and God the Mother is the source of life and the reality of love.

Unlike Mr. Park who was confident, his friends who were also studying for the university entrance exam a second time worried about their future. They said they didn't know why they had to live this hard life, and were skeptical about religion as well. They even criticized religion without hesitating to say that it revealed the weakness in human beings because they rely on god. Mr. Park often disputed with them about the Bible.

He says, "In this age, evil disguises itself as good, and people mistake living cunningly as living well. My goal is to practice Mother's love which asks us to be thoughtful and considerate of others."

Mr. Park joined an environmental group and is actively volunteering for the prevention of global warming with the young people of the world.

Conversion While Trying to Stop His Wife's Faith

Park Sahng-hyeong (43) who was baptized at the end of the year 2000, came to attend the Church of God after trying to stop his wife's faith. He said, "Because people have negative views towards newly formed religions, I didn't like my wife going to the Church of God.

When my wife insisted that Saturday is the Sabbath, rejecting Sunday service and talking about God the Mother, I was afraid that she was in a cult. In order to stop her faith, I argued with her for almost a year but that didn't get us anywhere. So I decided to inspect the Church of God, and then I myself became a member."

He entered the Church to find out what was wrong morally, but there was nothing wrong. On the contrary, all the members looked so bright and happy that he also came to believe in God the Mother.

Mr. Park said, "Every day I check to see if I am living according to the 'Teachings of Mother.' " The "Teachings of Mother" are guiding principles for the members of the Church of God. These are the teachings as follows:

-It is more blessed to give love than to receive, as God always gives love.
-When we give glory to God, the glory returns to us.
-A beautiful mind has no hate, and brings forth a perfect love.
-As Abraham was blessed with the better when he gave in for his nephew Lot, so we are blessed more greatly when we give in for our brothers and sisters.
-Being arrogant means wanting to be served.
-Though others do not work, we should not complain but do our work faithfully. Having the mind of a master allows us to work with pleasure and ease.
-Arrogance comes from a mind full of complaint. When we serve God always with gratitude in our hearts, complaint and arrogance recede from us, and humility dwells in our hearts.
-When we praise brothers and sisters, the praise returns to us.
-As the sea receives all the dirt and purifies it, we should have a broad and beautiful mind enough to cover up even the faults of our brothers and sisters.
-Whoever wants to be led by the Lamb should become a lamb smaller than the Lamb.
-Sacrifice is needed to become a greater vessel.
-We should endure present sufferings, for the kingdom of heaven is waiting for us.
-Even God didn't come to be served but to serve. When we serve one another without wanting to be served, God will be pleased.

The core of the faith of the Church of God is the "Love of God the Mother," needless to say that they believe in the existence of God the Mother. The believers of the Church put into practice "Mother's Love" through various kinds of volunteer activities. General Pastor Kim Joo-Cheol introduced their volunteer activities they had accomplished until now, saying, "Where there are poor and alienated neighbors and natural disasters, there are always the members of the Church of God." He is the representative of the Church of God, who is in charge of all the domestic and overseas Churches. He said, "We are very enthusiastic for volunteer activities.

Including the 'Save a Life Campaign' to help children with heart disease and rare diseases, we don't hold back to support the everyday necessities such as rice, kimchi, coal briquettes and so on for families in need. We take the lead for volunteer restoration work in disaster-damaged areas both in Korea and in foreign countries, helping farmers who suffer from a shortage of hands, holding consolatory parties for senior citizens, purifying the environment and much more."

Among the volunteer activities the Church of God have performed so far, the greatest thing that appeals to the public is the activities of a cheer squad called the "Aurah Supporters." Those who watched the Daegu Summer Universiade held in August 2003, may remember the words, "WeLoveU" and the cheering squad "Aurah Supporters." Some say, "The reason the Universiade was so successful, even though it was held just five months after the Daegu subway attack was, because of the fervent cheering of the Aurah Supporters." Daegu citizens said that the cheering led by the members of the Church of God was not strange to them because they had already been familiar with the volunteer services of the Church members who offered free meals 24 hours a day for 55 days at the Daegu subway tragedy where 192 people died.

Activities of the Aurah Supporters

At the time of the Universiade games, the Aurah Supporters, which consisted of the members of the Church of God, livened up the games through a flash light performance and energetic cheering on a professional level. The young athletes from all nations were moved by the supporters from the Church of God, who followed them wherever they went and encouraged them with heartfelt cheers. They said, "I will never forget the Aurah Supporters and Korea." In the closing ceremony, the shout of "We Love You" resounded through the stadium.

At their cheering, people said: "I've never seen this kind of fervent cheering except in Korea. I respect their devotion and passion" (Easton Jim, IOC Vice Chairman), "It was an impressive cheering that will open a new era in the history of world sports" (Park Sang-ha, Executive President of the Daegu Universiade), "I feel so excited. It seems they have practiced very hard" (Park Geun-hye, Former Chairwoman of Grand National Party).

During the Universiade, ambassadors to Korea from eight countries and athlete teams of 30 countries visited the headquarters of the Church of God Supporters in appreciation for cheering them on with great fervor. The teams of Afghanistan, Russia, and Iran sent plaques of gratitude to the headquarters. Owing to that relationship, President of Ghana, John Agyekum Kufour, and President of the Republic of Benin, Boni Yayi, who visited Korea to attend the Korea-Africa Forum held in November 2006, met the pastors of the Church of God personally to deepen their friendship.

The Aurah Supporters played the role of a non-governmental diplomat, taking over all the volunteer services for the grand-scale international games held in Korea, such as the 2002 Busan Asian Games, the 2002 Far East and South Pacific Games for the Disabled, the 13th World Soft Tennis Championships in Anseong, and the 2003 Daegu Summer Universiade. In recognition of the activities of the Aurah Supporters, the Church of God received a Presidential Citation in 2003 and the Order of Merit for Sport in 2004.

Volunteer services of the Church of God are still active everywhere in the world. The members at home and overseas delivered donations and relief goods to the tsunami-swept area in South Asia, and helped those who were suffering from earthquakes in Pakistan and Peru so that they could get back on their feet. General Pastor Kim Joo-Cheol explained, "While we were focusing on world missions and doing volunteer works, the number of the registered members grew to over one million. Unlike other Protestant churches, the members of the Church of God overseas are over 90 % local people."

The Church introduced the present status of the overseas churches by DVDs. The Kathmandu Church, which is located right beside the Nepal presidential residence, was crowded with members and looked as if the size of the Church with a capacity of seating 2,000 people was insufficient. Branch churches have been established in North and South America, Europe, and even in Africa. There are also the Church of God in New York, USA, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in Frankfurt, Germany, and the list goes on.

Brief History of the Church of God

The Church of God was started by its founder Ahnsahnghong. In 1948, he was baptized in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church (hereinafter SDA church) when he was 30 years old and launched the Restoration Movement of the Truth of the Early Church and the Faith of the Early Church. At that time, he pointed out that Sunday service, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, cross reverence and so on, which were practiced by the Catholic and the Protestant churches, are pagan doctrines which were introduced into church during the Dark Ages. He insisted that if a church is a true church, it must keep the Sabbath and the Passover that the early Church had kept. His insistence was too shocking to be accepted at that time.

Due to this, he left the SDA church and established the Church of God in Busan in 1964. Afterwards, he established its branch churches throughout the country and taught his disciples, and passed away in February, 1985.

In those days, the Church of God had a total of just 1,000 members in 13 branch Churches. However, it grew to 10,000 members by 1988 and 50,000 members by 1994, and it rapidly increased to 100,000 members by 1996. Since 1997, the overseas mission started and missionaries were sent to L.A. in the United States, Lahore in Pakistan and Essen in Germany, and a branch church was established in Lima, Peru, in 1998. In September, 2000, the main temple which is called the "New Jerusalem Temple" was built in Bundang-gu, Gyeonggi-do. In December, 2003, the head office [WMC] building was built in Sunae-dong, Bundang-gu.

In 2004, branch churches were established in Sydney, Australia, and in South Africa, too. The Church spread to six continents. Overseas members continued to visit Korea along with the world mission; in June, 2001, the members from the LA Church in America visited Korea for the first time, and since then there have been 36 visits.

As of January 2009, the Church of God has about 400 branches in Korea and about 1,000 branches in foreign countries, and the number of registered members was 600,000 in 2004, 800,000 in 2007, and in 2009 there are 1,100,000 members. They are doing the missionary work in 150 countries in the world.

1,000 Overseas Members Visit Korea Every Year

One Church member said, "The wish of the overseas members is to come to the land of Mother, so they save their money for a couple of years just to visit Korea." The main temple in Bundang has lodgings for overseas members. About 1,000 overseas members visit Korea a year with a two week schedule.

Some foreign members visiting Korea said, "I've come to Korea to learn more about Father and Mother and about how I can better preach about Father and Mother and Their love" (Robert Joel Herd from San Diego, USA).

"When I met Mother, I recognized Mother is the very source of love and the One who gives life to all. Through this visit, I've received overflowing love and realized that I should share this love with my brothers and sisters" (Constantin Aparaschivei from Chicago, USA).

What is it about the Church of God that attracts these people?

According to a letter from an overseas member, it seemed that the Korean missionaries and members greatly influenced them. There is a part of the letter from Shobhakar Ghimire Pyasi who is a teacher of the Sabbath school in the Nepal Church:

"When civil war arose in Nepal, missionaries of other churches left Nepal. However, the missionaries of the Church of God were different. They neither left Nepal to save their own lives nor did they try to bribe people to come to their church with materialistic goods. The missionaries of the Church of God spared nothing to save the unfortunate souls. They entirely resembled Christ who was sacrificed on the cross."

Apatonga tapana in the Auckland Church, New Zealand, was moved by their love like a family, even warmer than her physical parents or siblings. She was attracted by the family coziness in Korean culture, which she was somewhat unfamiliar with. This is a part of her letter:

"When I first came to the Church of God, the Auckland Church was in its early stage and just a few people gathered to have worship service. In the beginning, I felt strange because of the extremely small size of the Church. However, their warm welcome and love was so special that I came to put off all my doubts and fears. After worship service and saying good-bye, I was about to leave the Church, when suddenly they gathered around my car and shouted, 'We love you.' At that moment, I felt a lump in my throat and almost burst into tears."

Wendy from the Los Angeles Church also wrote in her letter about how she came to the Church of God. She said she was moved by the Church members who treated her like their own family member even though they didn't know each other well:

"10 years ago, the LA Church was like a home. Besides that, members were mostly Koreans and worship service was also carried out by a Korean missionary in the Korean language. So Americans had to put on earphones in order to listen to the English interpretation. Although it was totally different from other churches, what was most impressive was the love I felt when all the members wished me blessings after the service."

Although only part of these letters have been shown, when we consider everything that was written, we can see they were all moved by the friendly love of the Church members and became members.

Now Is the Age of Femininity

General Pastor Kim Joo-Cheol said, "Now is the time that Mother's love is needed."

"When children fall down, they cries, calling out to their mothers. This is human instinct. In the same way, all mankind has a fundamental yearning for their spiritual Mother in their hearts."

The Church of God has the characteristic of intense feminism in their views in which they believe in the existence of "God the Mother." As the tendency of the world shows that soft power of women is becoming more prominent in every social field as a new competitive power, the Church of God is the religion that corresponds exactly to the trend of this age.

Even in Korean society, the entry of women in public affairs is remarkable. Female teachers already occupied most parts of elementary schools and middle schools, and the ratio of successful female applicants in the Higher Civil Service is on the rise, which is an eye-opener in itself. Even in jobs which are "Men Only," like the military, women are advancing forcefully.

In the past, when Korea was struggling economically, most women worked for dressmaking and their labor contributed to make the seed money for the nation's industrialization, but now women are making a rapid advance in the field of White Collar jobs. In the age of femininity, people who serve "God the Mother" have appeared from Korea and advocate world peace by means of "femininity." Could it be that the relationship between Korea and women are closely related to each other?

"The One Who Settles Disputes, Disunion, Crime and War Is Mother"
Interview-General Pastor Kim Joo-Cheol of the World Mission Society Church of God

-What does religion mean to mankind?
"I think religion is the way to go from the model world to the reality world. God's commandments were given for us to fulfill His covenant, and we call the 'behavior of worshiping God according to the commandments' religion or faith. Religion is the way to salvation, way to life, and the way to the truth; it is the way guiding us from the model world to the reality world."

-Every religion throughout the world aims at "peace and happiness of human beings." However, when we look back at human history, crimes and wars have been continually caused by religion. What do you think is the problem?
"The problem is the absence of the mother. A mother is a peace maker who solves her children's problems and caresses them and mediates between them. The reason that all kinds of crimes and wars happen around the world today is because of the absence of mother's love. The Bible says that we, all human beings, have God the Mother along with God the Father."

-What is the same, and what is different between God the Mother who you are talking about and a mother in a family?
"The world that we're now living in has become so close knit that we can call it a village. People are living together in this global village, seeking the truth. It looks much like a family where many children of different personalities live together. Just as big and small quarrels in a family are settled and solved by a mother's mediation and judgment, only God the Mother can settle all the difficult problems such as dispute, disunion, crime and war."

-Many conflicts arise because people ignore other people's religions. Is there no way to be saved except believing in the Christ?
"The Bible teaches us that people can be saved by faith in God. For all the religions existing in the world today, there is a certain reason that they have to return to God, after correctly knowing God the Creator who gave man life and created all things in the universe. It's because spiritually the relationship between God and man is like that of parents and their child. It means various kinds of worships and services toward God was originally one; but it divided into various religions, throughout the ages in different environments and geographical conditions."

Every House Is Built by Someone

-Do you mean that all religions in this world can become one again?
"We should return to God who created the heavens and the earth, just like a fish, which has a homing instinct, returns to where it was born without exception. If you see a tree, it has many branches but they are divided from one root. Like this, all religions have to return to God who governs the universe, life and death, fortune and misfortune of men. Then family troubles caused by religion, and conflicts between religions will disappear naturally."

-Environmental pollution caused by man's greed and comforts of civilization is serious, and conflicts between nations and peoples are becoming worse. What do you think is the duty of religion in this age?
"Religion should give people happiness coming from existence itself and hope for life after death, not a feeling of satisfaction from possession. The role of religion is to make people satisfied and thankful in any circumstance, and to lead them to the way of salvation and eternal life. I've read a newspaper report that the people of nations with low income per capita felt more satisfied than those of the nations with high income per capita. I think that religion should teach people the importance of life after death; I am not saying that this life is not important. Then and only then are we able to settle not only the conflicts between nations and peoples, but also the problems caused by the gap between the rich and the poor and even the problems of environmental pollution."

-Have you never grumbled against or denied God?
"God is the One whom we should believe in and rely on, not a Being whom we grumble against. Every creature, everything in nature, testifies to God's existence very well. How can I deny the existence of God? Among the words of the Bible, there is a verse which says, "Every house is built by someone." If someone sees a house and says it was made all by itself, he is an ignorant person. The existence of the earth, the existence of nature and the existence of man . . . all things are instruments that definitely testify to God's existence."

-The Church of God is proclaiming "Mother's love." Specifically what does that mean?
"It is the love of salvation which gives us, who are sinners in the presence of God, eternal life and leads us to heaven. It is an unconditional and devotional love just like a mother's love for her children."

-It is said that every man has a right to be happy. What do you think is the condition of happiness?
"I think happiness comes from knowing God correctly and believing in God. All the world has only believed in God the Father. This may seem like we have been living without feeling true love and the joy of happiness like a child who lacks something. I believe happiness is in God the Mother."

The Nepal Church Left an Impression on Me

-It turned out that the serial killer Kang Ho-sun was a Christian. When we think of his acts of brutality, we come to doubt whether God exists.
"All people are saddened and lament about this case, and I feel the same way. One of God's commandments is, "You shall not murder." Some people follow God's teaching, and some do not. All the teachings of God are good, but the deplorable thing is that people do not live in accordance with the good will of God."

-It is known that the Church of God is carrying out its ministry in about 150 countries. Why do you think people who have a different language and culture believe in a religion that originated from Korea?
"We believe in God the Father and God the Mother, following the teachings of the Bible. In the world there are many people who want to follow the teachings of the Bible. I think these people accept the truth, the gospel, transcending the barrier of language, culture and religion.

-It is known that you visit many countries and deliver sermons to the followers. Which country is the most impressive?
"I can say it is the Nepal Church. Nepal's national religion is Hinduism, but in that country, too, we are able to meet many people who are seeking God the Mother. Although they are in an economically difficult situation, spiritually they are very bright and beautiful."

-One of the religious leaders whom I met said, "Man is not for religion, but religion is for man."
"I think the relationship between man and religion cannot be defined in that kind of term. When we know 'where we are from,' and 'where we are going,' we are able to obtain that answer. We were originally angels in heaven but we committed sins against God and were cast down to the earth. Therefore, we confess that 'we are sinners,' and pray that God will forgive us of our sins and bring us back to the kingdom of heaven. From this point of view, man and religion are inseparably related to each other, abandoning the issue of which one is more important."

Now It Is the Age of "Femininity"

-Most of the 150 countries, where the Church of God has been established, are countries that are struggling economically. Is there a particular reason for that?
"God's salvation is given to whoever wishes to receive it, regardless of rich or poor, high position or low position in society. Our mission work is being carried out very actively not only in undeveloped countries but also in developed countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and so on."

-Why does the Church of God keep the Passover as an important feast?
"In the Bible it is written that great disasters were poured upon Egypt when the Israelites came out of Egypt. At that time, the Israelites, who kept the Passover as God had ordered them, were able to escape the disasters, but the Egyptians lost their firstborn. This is the origin of the Passover. God promises that we will escape disasters if we keep the Passover in any age. The Passover is a sign of redemption, and the seal of God, so we celebrate this feast."

-The Church of God says that it has over one million registered believers. However, the Church is not well known in our society, and some people do not regard the Church as good.
"The Church of God originated in Genesis. We call those days as the age of the Father. When Jesus came to the earth, the age of the Son began, and the Church of God existed then. Even during the apostolic age, the church which God established on earth was only the Church of God."

-Then, why didn't the Church of God grow after the apostolic age?
"As the Dark Ages overtook the apostolic age, the Church of God was persecuted a lot by the polytheists who worshiped the sun god, and the believers went into the mountains, desert, and caves to keep their faith. For this reason, the Church of God disappeared from history, but now has re-appeared according to the prophecy of the Bible."

-What is the ultimate message that the Church of God wants to deliver?
"For a long time, the world has been a male-centered society. During this period, conflict, dispute, selfishness, and hostility have resulted, rather than peace and reconciliation. In the Bible it is written, "The LORD will create a new thing on earth-a woman will surround a man" (Jeremiah 31:22). This is a prophecy about the redemption work of God which will change from God the Father to God the Mother. I earnestly hope that the world will achieve peace and reconciliation rather than war through the love of Mother, and receive salvation from God through consideration towards others."
A letter of thanks to Heavenly Mother
Come to God The Mother
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