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Environmental Cleanup from the Incheon Church of God in Ongnyeongdong

The members of the World Mission Society Church of God (General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol) came out to clean the center of a city in the winter season. Last holiday, the 21st, they held the cleanup campaign from Ongnyeongdong, Yeonsugu, Incheon, Korea.

Woori Ilbo
Korea | December 23, 2014
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"Our Mother" Writing & Photo Exhibition

The Bukgu Church of God in Pohang, Korea, holds "Our Mother" Writing and Photo Exhibition.

Pohang MBC
Korea | December 17, 2014
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Writings of Famous Writers on Mother

Last month, on the 27th, "Our Mother" Writing and Photo Exhibition was held at the Bundang Church of God, at the Jerusalem temple in Imaedong, Seongnam, Korea. Many female adults made a long line to see mother related articles, photos, and props, etc.

Segye Ilbo
Korea | December 03, 2014
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Culture, Sports, and Evangelical Sentiment Make us Live the World Together

On October, the Chamber Orchestra from the World Mission Society Church of God (general Pastor Kim Joo-cheol) had put on a concert from the cruise in order to bring strength and courage to the owners of SMS's and small business owners who are responible for the country's economy and also to console them for their hard worrk; orchestra received fervent response by them.

Incheon Ilbo
Korea | November 04, 2014
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Mother, are you doing all right?

The Pyeongtaek Church of God held "Our Mother" Writing and Photo Exhibition on the 23rd, November conducted by Melchizedek Publishing Co. and hosted by the World Mission Society Church of God (General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol) in Ichung-dong, Pyeongtek, Korea.

Jungbu Ilbo
Korea | October 16, 2014
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Soothing empty souls with meals for healing

The World Mission Society Church of God (General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol) finished free meal services at Paengmok Harbor and Jindo Gymnasium in Jindo-gun for Sewol ferry victim's families and volunteers.

Gyeongin Ilbo
Korea | September 25, 2014
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We leave Paengmok Harbor . . . but we'll wait for them together

The Church of God finished the free meal service at the Sewol ferry disaster site for 44 days.

Gyeonggi Shinmun
Korea | September 23, 2014
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Senior citizens, you are heroes

Meeting Chuseok the national holiday, 100 members from the Church of God in Eunpyeong threw a party for the elderly living in Jingwan-dong on September 3.

Eunpyeong Shinmun
Korea | September 16, 2014
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The Dongan Church of God's neighborhood invitation party in Chuseok

On the 4th, the members of the World Mission Society Dongahn Church of God in Anyang invited relatives, families, and isolated neighbors who live around the area and held Chuseok Neighborhood Invitaion Party.

Gyeongdo Shinmun
Korea | September 15, 2014
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Party for the elderly before Chuseok

The Church of God in Buk-gu, Ulsan, invited 300 senior citizens in the area and threw a party for them before Chuseok.

Korea | September 04, 2014
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