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Volunteer Relief Efforts by the New York Church After Hurricane Sandy

  • Disaster Relief
  • Nation | America
  • Date | October 30, 2012
ⓒ 2012 WATV
Hurricane Sandy, the super storm which brought heavy rains, slammed the East Coast of the United States including the states of New York and New Jersey on October 29, local time. The destructive power of Sandy was far beyond imagination. Trees were uprooted, cars and even boats were scattered around on the devastated streets. Subway stations and low-lying districts were flooded. 8.5 million households were left without power, and more than 50 people were killed.

After the hurricane, on October 30, over 160 volunteers from the New York Church took the lead in the restoration efforts, cleaning the streets of Ridgewood. After restoring the damaged area of Ridgewood for a few days, about 200 volunteers from the New York Church and its branch churches gathered together on November 4 and went straight to the severely damaged coastal areas such as Hoboken in New Jersey State, and Breezy Point and Staten Island in New York State. The volunteers visited every house and took care of the sewage problem without hesitating to go inside the flooded houses, and organized household goods and cleaned the houses.

On November 11, the volunteers from the Washington D.C. Church joined them after driving eight hours straight, and over 500 members headed to the Toms River in New Jersey State and to Breezy Point in New York State. On the news, they were introduced as an “army wearing green vests,” and it was reported that “the hurricane victims exactly got help from them.”

ⓒ 2012 WATV
The restoration efforts continued until November 18 almost every day, and it took 1,300 man-days. Billy Gallagher, the head of fire department of New York City, was moved by the members’ commitment and said, “Actually, we are the ones who should help people who suffer from something terrible like this, but now we need your help. Heavenly Mother, thank You so much!” The volunteers also set up two tents in Breezy Point and provided the victims with can food, personal care products, clothes, etc.
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