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Worldwide Environmental Cleanup Campaigns Continuing On

  • Environmental Protection
  • Nation | Philippines
  • Date | October 28, 2012
ⓒ 2012 WATV
On October 28, over 300 members from the Mandaluyong, the Philippines, went out for a cleanup around Maybunga Elementary School in the City of Pasig and at the river and riverside in Floodway. As these areas were often flooded, stench and pollution were very serious because of the garbage that was swept down whenever it rained. However, this day, the regions were cleaned up by the members. They collected garbage that filled 200 bags each 50 liters.

Even the citizens, who were watching the members, helped them clean, saying, “It’s so beautiful.” Roman Romulo the Pasig City Representative said, “The volunteer service activities of the Church of God led many people to participate in them. The friendship between the members and the citizens was inspiring.”

In Korea, on October 21, the members from the Sangju Church held a cleanup campaign on Mount. Gapjang, and the members from the Paldal Church in Suwon carried out a cleanup in Hwaseo-dong. On October 28, the Guri Church cleaned around the Han River Park, and the Incheon-Namseo Association cleaned the Songdo Central Park, congratulating the hosting of GCF [Green Climate Fund] in Incheon City. Like this, the members of the Church of God continued keeping their local communities clean.
ⓒ 2012 WATV

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