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Our God

우리의 하나님

The ultimate conclusion of the 66 books of the Bible is to go to the Spirit and the Bride. If we want to know God and to receive eternal life, we must know the Bible. In this age, the keys of the kingdom of heaven are given to those w...

Time. 31:55
View. 20419

God & Treasure

하나님과 보배

The “Bible” is a spiritual treasure map. Christ, the precious treasure whom the Bible testifies about, comes as the spiritual David with the truth of the new covenant in the last days. (e.g. “Treasure Island” by Stevenson)

Time. 30:46
View. 20507

Sin & Lawlessness

죄와 불법

God’s children should have God’s law of life and the new covenant. Those who do not live by the truth of life, which God established, in the end belong to the devil and come to commit sins and do evil.

Time. 29:11
View. 20790

The Power of the Grave Will Not Overcome

음부의 권세가 이기지 못하리라

In order to receive the keys of the kingdom of heaven like Peter, we should receive God who comes in the flesh whichever age it is. Only those who receive Heavenly Mother who comes as the last Eve can obtain eternal life and overcome ...

Time. 33:41
View. 16715

The Bible & God the Mother

성경과 어머니 하나님

On the way to the kingdom of heaven, we need the knowledge of God. The Bible testifies that we must believe in God the Mother in the last age of the Holy Spirit when God’s salvation is completed. Just as Jesus awakened His disciples w...

Time. 21:24
View. 24382

Voice of the Shepherd & Voice of a Stranger

목자의 음성과 타인의 음성

Sheep only listen to the voice of their shepherd. We should distinguish the voice of Christ our Shepherd from the voice of Satan, and rightly follow the teachings of God. Just like Jeroboam who made idols to stop his people from going...

Time. 30:42
View. 17704

The Trinity & God

성삼위일체와 하나님

Although God appears in a different form and with a different name, His divine nature does not change. Through much evidence of the Bible, we can understand that God the Father Jehovah, God the Son Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit are one G...

Time. 35:17
View. 18540

God the Mother & the Rest of Her Offspring

어머니 하나님과 남은 자손

Admiral Yi Sun-shin was ever-victorious; he won 23 victories at 23 battles. This is a peerless achievement in the world! However, Admiral Yi Sun-shin was highly praised by the people of other countries before he was recognized as a great ...

Time. 35:48
View. 16789
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