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General Assembly 2019

  • Nation | Korea
  • Date | April 01, 2019
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The long-awaited New Year of 2019 by the sacred calendar has dawned. General Assembly 2019 started at the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple in the presence of the Holy Spirit on April 1, four days before the New Year’s Day by the sacred calendar (April 5). The pastoral staff from all over the world attended the General Assembly held under the slogan, “Give people hope through world evangelism,” to see the brilliant gospel results of 2018 and have a vision for 2019. While paying full attention to the words of God and hearing the news of the gospel work around the world for seven days and six nights, the pastoral staff felt the power of God who fulfills the prophecies of world evangelism at the speed of light and reminded themselves of the prophet’s spirit and attitude and the church’s religious and social responsibilities.

“Let’s complete the mission of prophets with unity, practice, and humility.”

“You’ve resembled Father who did not spare His life to save His children. I am grateful to you for making efforts to save souls with love and sacrifice and for guiding the members to the right path with humility and patience,” Mother praised the pastoral staff throughout the schedules, including the General Assembly Awards Ceremony (March 31) attended by the pastoral staff and title/position holders, and the opening and commemorative services of the General Assembly. “God has given us the Passover of the new covenant by sacrificing His life. Let’s realize its value and participate in the blessings with joy and gratitude. Let’s do our best to fulfill the mission of prophets by seeking and saving souls who thirst for the truth around the world,” She said. Mother elaborated on the virtues of the pastoral staff: unity, practice, humility, and an attitude of service.

Mother told them to encourage the members, who have lived with different ways of thinking in different environments, to unite. Mother quoted Father’s words, “Practice is like a guide that leads the whole body,” and said that nothing is more important than practicing what we have learned from God. Mother encouraged the members to overcome trials and hardships that they may face in the process, believing that it is the time of refinement prepared by God so that everything would go well in the end. “When you carry out the gospel work in the way that pleases God by humbly serving brothers and sisters as Father set an example, the day to fulfill the mission of preaching to seven billion people will come shortly,” said Mother (Mt 13:44–50; 1 Th 4:16–17; Dt 8:1–6; 1 Pe 1:7–9; Ro 8:16–18; Mt 25:1–13).

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“The best secret of the gospel work is to do what Mother said”

To the pastoral staff who looked back on the previous year through the Gospel Result Report 2018 and the Gospel Result by Continent, General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol said, “The year 2018 was when the pastoral staff and members around the world followed Father’s will, ‘I follow Mother,’ in one accord,” and asked every one of them to work together in unity and practice Mother’s Teachings in the new year as well. “Abundant gospel results were bestowed upon a region where the members made efforts to practice the words, ‘Preach the gospel in

Samaria and to the ends of the earth,’ with faith that God will make it happen even though there are hundreds of obstacles,” he said, emphasizing that practice that Father and Mother requested us to do must be accompanied by firm faith. “Let’s take pride in being the successors to the early Church the Apostles Paul and Peter attended, and take care of the churches and lead the members in accordance with the purpose and direction that God established Zion with, by throwing away our own thoughts and stubbornness,” he said, inspiring the spirit of prophets.

Another important point that Pastor Kim Joo-cheol made was repentance. He emphasized that the ministry and faith in agreement with God’s will must be preceded by true repentance, and that we must make efforts to preach the gospel, which is an action to express our repentance and at the same time an action to lead others turn away from their sins. “Let’s not be controlled by external environments, but put Mother’s words into practice on the foundation of true repentance and sincere faith, so that Father will compliment us, ‘I am proud of you. You are praiseworthy,’ in the year 2019,” he said emphatically.

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The responsibility of prophets is to lead mankind to salvation and happiness

The pastoral staff confirmed the value of the truth and the role of prophets who should lead mankind to salvation and happiness, through various events besides education and meeting for settlement and planning, such as Arise & Shine Global Bible Seminar 2019, Global Conference on Happy Family, Conference for the Pastoral Staff, and Forum for the Pastoral Staff. On the last day of their schedule, the pastoral staff from other countries visited Korea’s attractions like Gyeongbokgung Palace, and experienced Korean culture while the Korean pastoral staff went to the “Father’s True Heart” Exhibition at the Gwanak Church in Seoul and freshened up their minds. The pastoral staff and the members engraved upon their hearts the will of God Elohim who loves all mankind. They have been making efforts to complete world evangelism with God’s love and to plant hope and happiness in families, communities and furthermore mankind. Now their efforts are accelerating.

ⓒ 2019 WATV