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The Mandaluyong Church in the Philippines Holds a Consolatory Party for Families

  • Nation | Philippines
  • Date | May 12, 2019
ⓒ 2019 WATV
On May 12, the Mandaluyong Church in the Philippines held a consolatory party for families, celebrating Mother’s Day. We aimed to restore family bond because family members have less and less time to gather due to their busy schedules in this fast-paced industrial age. About 120 family members and relatives of the church members, who hadn’t had many chances to meet each other, came for the party and spent a meaningful time together.

The event started with a performance that the members prepared for their families. The members’ video messages for their families were played. The members expressed their hearts in the videos, which they couldn’t do before because they felt too shy. Seeing the sincere hearts of the members who said, “I’m sorry, I love you,” through the videos, their family members shed tears, feeling sorry and happy at the same time.

The performance was followed by a family exhibition. The guests ruminated on the meaning of family through the displayed poems, essays, photos, and props about family. They were also able to make precious memories in the additional events such as the photo zone.

Sister Lilia who participated in the event with her daughter said, “It’s been hard for my family to get together, but today we are all here. I’ve been feeling bad for not being fully attentive to my children. This event made me realize that I need to show them more care.” Sister Rosita said, “My family feels so happy today. I could feel that we were becoming one.”

The members and the guests left for home with determination to make a happy family by sharing love with one another in their daily lives.