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Dedication Service for the Naedong Church in Daejeon, Korea

  • Nation | Korea
  • Date | October 22, 2019
ⓒ 2019 WATV
On October 22, the first dedication service after the autumn feast was held. The members at the Naedong Church in Daejeon, who received not only the Holy Spirit of the latter rain through the Feast of Tabernacles but also a new spiritual storehouse, attended the dedication service along with the Third-day service and gave praise of thanks to God. The members of the Church Association in Daejeon celebrated the temple dedication and shared the joy.

Mother complimented the members on their praying and volunteering with one accord until the new temple was established, and gave abundant blessings upon each church and family through Her prayer. Mother also thanked the members in Daejeon for their services in various fields for the smooth events at the Okcheon Go&Come Training Institute located close to Daejeon, and encouraged them, “I hope all receive heavenly rewards Father has prepared as you’ve made efforts for God’s work in unity despite your busy and tough life.”

General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol gave a sermon titled “The Church Peter Attended.” “The purpose of attending church and living a life of faith is for the salvation of our souls. Apostles Peter, John, and Paul attended the Church of God where the Passover of the New Covenant and the seventh-day Sabbath are kept. Salvation is promised in the church with the truth that Jesus Himself taught and the apostles followed. Many people still don’t know where the truth of salvation is. I hope you will preach the truth with confidence and enlighten more people so that the fruit of the Gospel can be harvested quickly in Daejeon, of which the name means a grand field. I also hope this church will take on a big role in accomplishing the world mission,” he said (1 Co 1:1–2; 11:23–26; Ac 17:2–3; Mt 28:18–19).

The Naedong Church is located in a dense residential area between the Gapcheon Stream and the Yudeungcheon Stream that run through Daejeon. It’s easy to find and convenient to visit the church standing by an eight-lane road. The members expressed their aspiration, “We will diligently communicate with the local residents to create a culture of caring and sharing, so that God’s love and blessings flowing from the new temple can be delivered to them.”

ⓒ 2019 WATV
ⓒ 2019 WATV