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Love Greater than Typhoon

  • Disaster Relief
  • Nation | South Korea
  • Date | September 10, 2002
Before the sufferings from of flood damage were overcome, the 15th typhoon 'Rusa' hit the Korean peninsula. Church of God, World Mission Society catched the public eyes again by the voluntary support.

About 260 volunteers in Gangneung, the Extreme Typhoon Damage Zone
-Their activities were broadcasted many times-

ⓒ 2002 WATV
The 15th typhoon came up north toward Jeju Island and hit hard Gangneung area. As the typhoon damage was increasing more and more, Church of God sent about 260 volunteers to that place for restoration work.

The volunteers served the typhoon suffers; they dried the wet furniture and cleaned up houses and repaired roads. The inhabitants were very loud in their praises.

They bought all things needed for the work at their own expense. Moreover they shared food with the inhabitants. A Christian of this town was moved to tears, saying, "I was deeply impressed by the members of Church of God who are utterly different from other Christians."

The professors and students of Cheonan College of Foreign Studies showed an interest in the volunteers of Church of God. Newspapermen and reporters in Gangneung asked them for an interview.

600 volunteers in Yeongdong
-The inhabitants were unwilling to part with tears-

The typhoon damage was serious in Yeongdong, too. 52 houses and 200ha of farmland were flooded and over 160 typhoon victims occurred. Above all, the fruit trees like grape or apple suffered most.

ⓒ 2002 WATV
The inhabitants sighed over fallen grapes and hot peppers. It made the volunteers' hearts sad. 600 volunteers started the restoration work in 5 villages from the early morning. Their activities gave a deep impression to the villagers.

They restored over 80% of the damage area only for two days. Many officials and inhabitants and even passers-by were moved by their work.

Jang Yeong-dae, a village headman, expressed his thanks, saying, "Church of God was the only church that brought the volunteers' food and equipments needed for the work. Their activities without sparing themselves are worth more than much money."

A old woman who observed their activities carefully for two days said, "I can never thank enough for them who helped us in tough work which even my children dislike to do."

When the volunteers left the village, the villagers gave thanks to them over and over. One of the villagers was reluctant to part from them, shedding tears.

200 volunteers in Gimcheon
-They prepared everything at their own expense-

This typhoon brought a heavy rain over 700mm with the result that 2km of road, 15km of riverbank and 50km of river were washed away or destroyed and about 230 houses were flooded. Thus, the members of Church of God in Gimcheon started a voluntary support, too.

ⓒ 2002 WATV
Over 200 volunteers restored barns buried under silt and repaired collapsed houses. The villagers in despair by an unexpected calamity seemed to regain strength through the volunteers support.

The inhabitants who worked together were surprised to see that though most volunteers were women, the restoration work finished so quickly.

Pastor Lee U-seop in Daejeon, who led the voluntary service activities this time, said, "I'm happy to give a help to the suffers." He also hoped for the victims to overcome their misfortunes, and made sure to practice God's love to the world continually.