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Supporters, the Love Messengers

  • Enhancing the National Prestige
  • Nation | South Korea
  • Date | October 31, 2002
ⓒ 2002 WATV
On October 31, unfamiliar faces looked around the markets; some of them touched the products in front of the markets, and some asked their prices. These were the Fijian athletes. The members of Church of God accompanied with them.

Fijian athletes called supporters for their sightseeing

ⓒ 2002 WATV
Two days ago, Fijian team visited the supporters of Church of God and carefully asked them sightseeing guide. Church accepted their request and they were getting excited.

Listing the items of the products, they raised their expectation. But on the spot of Busan International Market, they became heavy and so did the supporters.

A pair of sports shoes was 20,000 and a used TV 50,000. At the high price the athletes were disheartened and just looked around for several hours.

Supporters consoled the athletes with wholehearted presents

ⓒ 2002 WATV
However, the time of disappointment was short. They soon recovered their vigor; for according to their hope to visit Church of God, the supporters invited them to the church and consoled them with true hearts.

The athletes talked and sang together, being excited. Some of them repaid the supporters for their warm welcome by a high-leveled vocal quartet. What most pleased the athletes were the neatly-wrapped presents; they were table-clocks and various gifts.

The athletes confessed their despair after visiting the markets, "We really wanted to buy TVs or sports shoes for the economic condition is not good in Fiji."

Especially Domoni Atunais, who several times asked the supporters to guide them, repeated the words of thanks, "Thanks to your kindness, all the despairs are gone. How lovely are these presents!"

"Visit our country!"

ⓒ 2002 WATV
Besides Fijian team, supporters of Church of God visited each athletes' village and took care of them attentively, roasting Bulgogi and presenting some souvenirs.

At the airport, East Timorian athletes shed tears, saying, "Thank you very much. I wish to live in Korea." And Fijian athletes repeatedly requested to visit Fiji, saying, "Though Fiji is a small island, you can find it easily."

The athletes from small countries were not given attention even during the period of the Games.

Seeing their frozen hearts being melted by small concern and kindness, the supporters were encouraged.