Contribution to Society


As the Salt Purifying the World

  • Environmental Protection
  • Nation | South Korea
  • Date | March 28, 2004
On Sunday, March 28, members of the Churches of God in Gwangju cleaned up the city streets in preparation for the Passover and spring. About 300 members were divided into several groups and cleaned every corner of the streets from residential streets around the church.

ⓒ 2004 WATV
The church membersmen, women, youths, students and childrenwere gathered together to practice God's love and serve the community, being full of vigor and vitality. Instead of staying comfortably at home, men members voluntarily took part in clean-up activities. They removed large-volume wastes, and some drove their own trucks for transporting wastes. Even children picked up waste papers and cigarette butts together with their parents.

Though there were a lot of rubbish on the streets, the members worked joyfully, giving thanks to God for cleaning them from their sins and impurities, prior to the Passover. Under the slogan "Green Environment" and "Clean Street," they diligently cleaned the streets. It was an environment campaign itself. Though the weather was not so hot, beads of sweat formed on their foreheads. Neighbors living nearby gave them warm smile, saying, "We really appreciate your good work."

ⓒ 2004 WATV
Gwangju Seo-gu District Office sent garbage bags and trucks to transport the garbage they collected. They expressed thanks to the church members for participating in environmental clean-up activities. They collected 2 truckloads of garbage and over 100 bags full of garbage. Looking around at the clean streets, the church members resolved to continually practice God's love, as the salt purifying the world.