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A Great Miracle Created by a Little Love

  • Nation | Canada
  • Date | February 03, 2012
Last November, over 200 brothers and sisters from North and South America came to Korea as members of the 56th Overseas Visiting Group. While they were staying in Korea, the weather was so mild; the cold temperature spells of early winter were slow in coming.

After the overseas members returned to their countries, being filled with the warm love of Heavenly Father and Mother, we met Missionary Yi-seon Han from the Edmonton Church, Canada, who stayed back in Korea a little while longer.

In 2011, many brothers and sisters from Canada visited Korea. This was clear evidence that the status of the missionary work in Canada had certainly changed, unlike before. The atmosphere during the interview was cheerful and heartwarming as the missionary conveyed the news of the Church in Canada, full of hope and excitement for the new year, with the successful conclusion of the year 2011.

_ God bless you, Missionary! We are so glad to have this opportunity to interview you for the Elohist magazine.

ⓒ 2012 WATV
I am so sorry towards God because I didn’t emit a fragrance of Zion earlier. Canada is lacking in sunlight. Since it is cloudy most of the year, people often feel subdued and depressed. Canada is a country that needs the light both physically and spiritually. When I first came to Edmonton, there were only a few self-supporting gospel workers from Korea and a couple of local members. Now, however, many members are gathered together in a large temple as God has been continuously sending the workers of the new covenant, who have received the light of the gospel. For this I give thanks to Father and Mother.

_ When you first went to Canada, you must have had a resolution.

I had worked for the gospel in India for six months, and then I went to Edmonton in March, 2008. While India is very hot and humid, Canada is so cold and dry. I was sent to a completely different country. Apart from the weather, I had also heard that it was difficult to preach the gospel in Canada. Since I didn’t have much experience and I was not good at speaking English, either, I felt worried at first if I would be able to do well, rather than having a resolution. It was really tough; although I kept knocking on people’s doors, none of them opened their door, and I hardly had a chance to open the Bible, even just once. Some people said to me, “How can you, an Asian, teach us the Bible?” So, I was gradually driven to despair by the thought: ‘Will I really be able to do it?’ I was disappointed more often than I was grateful; there were so many times I would feel frustrated. The gospel is not something that I can do. Nevertheless, I tried to do it by myself, and it bogged me down. In short, it was because of my arrogance—I relied on myself, not Father and Mother.

_ After you realized that, was there any change in the gospel work?

The direction for the gospel work changed. Before, I only thought that I should bear much fruit and increase the number of members. Now, however, I think of Mother first and rely on Her. Though Mother knew that I foolishly tried to produce good results on my own, She always comforted and encouraged me whenever I called Her, saying that I was doing a good job. She also told me, “Let’s pray and do it together.” I deserved to be rebuked, but Mother gave me strength, so I was greatly encouraged. Since Mother personally leads the gospel work and goes before us, all we have to do is to follow behind Her. According to Mother’s words, I entrusted my heart to Mother and worked with Her. Only then was I able to find our lost brothers and sisters one after another, and the gospel started to progress.

_ You must have gone through many difficulties to obtain the blessed results today by finding one soul after another.

It is said that people are all the same, but actually they have different emotions, different ways of thinking, and different views about things, which they have become familiar with since their birth. Most Canadians are very reasonable and individualistic—I do not mean that they are egoistic, but that they put each individual’s values ahead of everything. For them, it is always give and take; if they give something to someone else, they also expect something in return. It is rare that they give freely to others. There is no exception even for their family members. That is why the members of Zion once found it difficult to understand the love of Heavenly Father and Mother. God’s love is unconditional. With their common knowledge, it was hard for them to understand why Father and Mother sacrificed so much for us without asking or demanding anything in return. In 2011, however, they started to change as they received so much blessing; many of them visited Korea and saw Mother’s love and sacrifice with their own eyes, which they had understood only through the Bible, and they were very surprised. When they returned to Canada, they had changed 180 degrees; before, they had been slow in understanding even after months of studying.

_ We are curious about what kind of change they experienced.

There is one thing in common among those who have realized Father and Mother with their hearts. They lead gospel workers like themselves though nobody tells them to do so. They do not hesitate at all to preach to their family, friends, co-workers, and many others. They directly tell them, “There is Heavenly Mother. Jesus has come again in the flesh to Korea at the ends of the earth in the east.” As God has said, “My sheep listen to My voice,” the members of the heavenly family listen to God’s word and quickly grow as gospel workers; even though they have some doubts at first, they examine and discern the truth through the words of God. A worker calls another worker, who finds another worker . . . Especially, the young adult members are all awakened and are working hard to make the fire of the gospel blaze up. Desiring to become prophets, they devote everything for the gospel. Not only their faith but also their appearances have changed. They dress themselves decently and try to change their uninhibited lifestyle to a godly one as God’s children.

ⓒ 2012 WATV
Now they even ask me first; “What should I do to receive more blessings?” They work so hard that I even feel worried about them, but still they say, “I am now lacking in many ways, and I have to work harder.” Can you believe that they have been in Zion for less than a year? It had been very hard to preach the gospel for several years, but now everyone has become so fervent for the gospel that I even feel puzzled, wondering, ‘What’s going on now? Is this really possible?’ Whenever I feel like that, I think, ‘This is how the gospel works. Yet, I tried to do it on my own. That’s why I failed.’

_ Once the overseas members visit Korea, their faith shows remarkable growth. Do you think it is by the power of Mother’s love?

Whenever I saw that the members had become completely different people when they returned from Korea, I was also so curious and asked them, “What of Mother do you think has changed you?” Then they answered, “Just seeing Mother makes us feel Her love.” One of them told me this story: When the overseas members were studying the Bible in a lecture room during their stay in Korea, Mother came and posed for a photo with them. At that time, She personally set the chairs for them to sit in. She is God who deserves only to be served and commands the universe. Nevertheless, She even did such a small thing for them, and it deeply moved their hearts. They were so moved not just because Mother set the chairs; Her every single word, Her careful concern and care, Her gentle eyes, and much more—all these things were piled up in their hearts, which enabled them to see great love and sacrifice hidden in Mother.
A young adult member said, “Even if all people slander the truth and I alone remain in the truth, I cannot forsake the truth. That’s because Mother’s love has been engraved deep in my heart—the words of the Bible are not just in my head anymore.”

_ Mother’s love is great, but it seems that Her love is seen through Her thoughtful care and actions—She cares about everything, even something so small, and does it for us.

That’s it. Actually, I wanted to ask Mother this question: ‘What should I do to convey Your love fully?’
When I heard the young adult member say that, I also wanted to join the visiting group and see Mother’s love that the members had seen during their stay in Korea. This time, Mother called me to personally see the path She walks and to find the answer.
Mother lavished Her love on us although She was so busy working for Her children from dawn till late at night; She managed multiple schedules, taking care of the visiting group and handling the affairs of the Head Office, and much more. Mother counseled each and every one of the 200 members of the 56th Overseas Visiting Group and listened to their heartbreaking stories.
Before, I used to think Mother’s love is something like a waterfall that is poured out and seen clearly by the members. However, it was just a misunderstanding. Mother listened to Her children’s stories, held their hands, smiled at them, took care of them, and encouraged them. She loved us quietly. Everything Mother did, although it might be regarded as trivial, was not actually small at all. Even though it seemed small, it was never small. This is how Mother loves us.

_ Since the members have realized Mother’s love, how is the atmosphere of Zion now?

Those who used to bring their own drinks to Zion now bring more drinks for other members, and those who would only take care of their own meals now ask others to have a meal together. Before, they only thought of themselves, but now they take pleasure in sharing things with other members. After a meal, they try to clear away the dishes before other members do it. They serve one another and concede to each other. This is the attitude of consideration Mother has showed us as an example. They try to follow the example of Mother, which they saw during their stay in Korea.
Just as the disciples who stayed with Jesus were witnesses to His life 2,000 years ago, so the members who visited Korea and stayed with Mother are living witnesses to Her love in this age. As they testify to the love of Mother through actions as Mother’s witnesses, the new members like it though they do not know exactly what it is. Later they come to realize that it is Mother’s love, and they grow rapidly in their understanding of Her love. So, as time passes by, more and more members want to meet Mother.

_ You mean that love and consideration are the answer after all.

ⓒ 2012 WATV
Yes. A small consideration for each and every soul is the way to save a hundred souls and even a thousand souls. Some may wonder, ‘When will we be able to find all our brothers and sisters in this way?’ But a soul, who has realized Mother’s great love contained in Her consideration and care even for the little things, finds another soul, and that soul finds another. Like that, the number of our members has doubled in a short period of time. It may seem to be a long way around—a very small and slow way, but it is truly a shortcut. Since I did not realize this before, I only tried to achieve something great, and it slowed down the progress of the gospel. A small consideration and a little concern—these are not really small but great.

_ What is the current status of the gospel in Canada?

There are the Churches in Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto as well as the house Churches in Victoria, Winnipeg and Montreal. We still have many places to pioneer. Recently, a mission team from Korea and the members of the Edmonton Church organized a joint mission trip to Calgary near Edmonton, and we brought forth gracious results there. We also sent some gospel workers to the house Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to help solidify its foundation for the gospel even more.
Now we have another plan; there is a state named Saskatchewan located between Alberta and Manitoba, and it is still a spiritually barren land where the gospel has not yet been preached. In 2012, we will make a Bible Belt that connects cities—Edmonton and Calgary in Alberta, major cities in Saskatchewan, and Winnipeg in Manitoba. To accomplish the Bible Belt, the young adult members are already preparing themselves both physically and spiritually, studying the words of God diligently.

_ Bible Belt! That sounds great! Do you have another plan to achieve this goal?

I think we need to bring forth more gospel workers from the local members. We are planning to reclaim the gospel in Canada by sending the workers who are brought up in Edmonton to other cities. Those who visited Korea this time will make the fire of the Holy Spirit blaze up even more upon their return to Canada. So, we have no doubt that God will allow us to produce great results of the gospel in Canada from the beginning of the year 2012.

_ As you experienced the rapid spread of the gospel during the past one year although the progress had been slow, your vision for the gospel in the new year must be more clear and positive.

In fact, I don’t think that the gospel in Canada is so rapid in its progress now. However, since it is not I who accomplish the gospel work, I just go forward, trusting only in Father and Mother. If we diligently move forward one step after another, though slow, God will give the gospel wings to fly and soar. I believe that day will surely come. If we are considerate of each and every soul even in small things and put love into practice, though little, the gospel in Canada will be fulfilled very swiftly before that day sweeps on like chaff.
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