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South Korea

The 2nd New Song Festival

  • Nation | Korea
  • Date | January 31, 2016
The New Song Festival, which heated up the faith of young adults and students in Korea last summer, came back in 2016. On January 31, the 2nd New Song Festival was held at the Okcheon Go&Come Training Institute.

ⓒ 2016 WATV
The young adults and students arrived at the institute early before the event and enjoyed the warm sunshine, laughing and talking together. The choirs from each church association prepared for their performance, tuning up their voices and breaths.

Around noon, the worship service began. Mother welcomed the young adults and students who gathered to sing praise to God and encouraged them: “You, who are more beautiful than spring flowers, are the work of God’s hands for the display of His glory.” Seeing them fully united, Mother repeatedly complimented them, saying that they were God’s pride and joy. “You’re taught with the Bible that was written for the heavenly royal family. When you display God’s glory with righteous minds and good deeds, all the prophecies in the Bible will be fulfilled. In this age when all nations are streaming to Zion, let’s preach the truth, which is more precious than the whole world, knowing its value as God told us,” said Mother.

ⓒ 2016 WATV

It was the first time in the New Year for the young adult and student members to gather. Welcoming them and asking for God’s blessings, General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol hoped that they would give thanks and joy to God through the event.

After the worship service, the New Song Festival began. A total of 15 teams appeared on the stage. Before this main festival, there were regional preliminary rounds throughout the nation from December 20 until January 6. From all the teams that participated in them, 150 members were selected to form a team representing each church association. It was said that the participants’ families too came to the preliminary rounds to cheer them up and made them family festivals.

After the preliminary rounds, each team practiced for about a month to come up to the final stage. Half excited and half nervous, each choir members sang a New Song with all their might. Whenever a team appeared on the stage, the audience gave them a big hand of encouragement and cheer.

Whenever 160 young adult and student members created vocal harmony, the Messiah Orchestra added more inspiration to it with harmonious melodies made of string, woodwind, brass wind, and percussion instruments. About 15,000 young adult and student members and the pastoral staff members that filled the whole institute were moved by New Song’s resonance.

ⓒ 2016 WATV

When all the 15 teams finished their singing, the award ceremony was held after some time for evaluation. The grand prize went to the team We Are Ready that sang From the East the Savior Has Come with an aspiring voice; the New Song contains the determination to preach about the Savior who came from the east in Samaria and to the ends of the earth. All the other teams also had joy of receiving a gold, a silver, a bronze, two encouragement, and participation awards. Whenever awardees were called, the audience congratulated them with cheers and applause. Mother gave trophies to the teams and complimented them, saying, “Your sincere love that wants many souls to attain salvation, brightened up the New Song beautifully,” and wanted all the young adult and student members to be equipped with faith that can reveal God’s glory.

“From the beginning until the end, it was touching to see these young people, the center of the gospel work, become one and sing New Songs with beautiful harmony. How good it would’ve been if today’s event had been broadcast through all channels in the world and if seven billion people could’ve seen the vigorous and righteous young people, who will become the protagonists of the world evangelism, and gained hope and courage! I look forward to the future that will be opened by the young adults and students of Zion,” said Deacon Michael King (from Newcastle, U.K.) who participated in the event during his visit to Korea for a personal matter.

Music, which is called the universal language, has power to unite all people into one, beyond nations and peoples. We can glimpse the bright future of the gospel, which will be preached to all seven billion people, through the dew-of-the-dawn like young adults and students who put their enthusiasm into New Songs that connote God’s love and His people’s hope for heaven.

ⓒ 2016 WATV

Remarks about the 2nd New Song Festival

Nam Yun-ju (from Ansan, a member of the team We Are Ready that won the grand prize)

I prayed a lot until I got on the stage, and now I feel grateful as I received the answer. Sometimes, practicing was hard because we had to consider many things, but we could practice joyfully at the thought that God was watching us.

The new semester begins tomorrow, and I become a senior in high school. I’m sure I’ll meet with good results if I do my best to study hard and work for the gospel for the remaining one year in school as God gives me strength.

Kim Yeong-seob (from Ulsan, a member of the team Ela Stin Mitera that won the gold award)

There were some difficulties in gathering at one place to practice because the choir members were living in different cities. However, we were able to fathom God’s sacrifice while singing a New Song, and our troubles seemed to be so little. The lyrics of the song we sang say, “How much You’ve suffered, walking every step.” All the steps Father and Mother had taken were not for Themselves but for us. Thinking that Father and Mother suffered so much for us, I felt so sorry that I was determined to devote myself to the gospel work.

I’ll do my best to follow in God’s foot-steps and reveal the glory of God Elohim with my good deeds.

Lee Jae-seok (from Suwon, a conductor of the team We Are Ready that won the grand prize)

When my team members gathered for the first time, I suggested they practice three things every day: to open our mouths in the same way, to open them wide, and to breathe properly for singing. It was to create the same sound. They all practiced sincerely, which brought forth a beautiful harmony.

The members seemed to be more encouraged as they felt they were improving. The practice was hard, and they must have felt tired, but even after the scheduled practice, they volunteered for more practice. That way, all of them could become one, not only in their voices but also in their hearts. Today’s award is the result of unity.

Oh Hyeon-seok (from Seoul, a member of the team Voice of Mother)

While working in the office, I sometimes hardened my face despite myself. But while preparing for the New Song Festival, I came to smile more, being reminded of the happy moments when I practiced with the members joyfully. As a result, I heard that I looked brighter these days. New Songs help me to practice God’s words, “Be joyful always.”

Kim Hyeon-gyeong (from Seongnam, a member of Messiah Orchestra)

It was my first time to perform for the New Song Festival. I’m pleased to get closer to the brothers and sisters while playing the New Songs, and grateful for the opportunity to help Zion members sing praise to God with New Songs. When my instrument’s sound harmonized with other players’ performance and the choir, I was thrilled.

Although I was busy, I spent a wonderful winter vacation. I’m very happy that my skills and faith seem to have improved. This will remain in my heart for a long time as a precious memory. I want to play music that can move our brothers and sisters, always praying to God.
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