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Everlasting Freedom and Peace Through Heavenly Mother

  • Nation | Germany
  • Date | March 25, 2009
“On that day living water will flow out from Jerusalem, half to the eastern sea and half to the western sea, in summer and in winter” (Zec 14:8).

While the water of life was continuously flowing out from Heavenly Mother to every place in the world according to the prophecies, the floodgates of living water were opened here in Germany as well. In 2005, Zion was established in Essen, and then in Berlin, Dresden and Frankfurt, where the banner of Zion was firmly planted.

Now the Berlin Zion is growing steadily in the gospel work through the love and guidance of God Elohim. The youth like the dew of the dawn, the prophetic heroes, continue to come to Berlin to preach as self-supporting volunteers, and the souls who have received the water of life from Mother to the fullest are bringing out their freshness and vitality of life, so Zion is always filled with life and energy. I sincerely give thanks to Heavenly Father and Mother for allowing this weak child to carry out the gospel mission in Berlin and bestowing an abundance of blessings upon me.

Souls Longing for True Freedom and Peace

What comes first to mind when you hear the word “Germany”? Many people remember that like Korea, Germany was also divided. In 1871, Bismarck founded a unified German empire, but after losing the 1st and 2nd World Wars in the early 20th century, Germany was almost ruined. Then it was divided into two separate states—Eastern Germany and Western Germany—by the countries such as the Soviet Union, U.S.A. and U.K. who won the 2nd World War. However, after the fall of the Soviet Union, it was reunified and vast industrial complexes were built along the Rhine River. Now Germany has achieved remarkable economic growth; its economic power is strong enough to be called the “America in Europe.”

As we mention the winding history of Germany, we cannot leave out the city Berlin. Berlin, the capital city of Germany, was divided into East and West. As people who were under communist rule in East Berlin emigrated to West Berlin in search of freedom, the East German government built a thick wall to prevent East Germans from moving to West Germany. It was the famous “Berlin Wall.” You may have seen on TV the scene where Germans were breaking down the Berlin Wall when East and West Germany were reunified in 1990. From that moment, Berlin has become a symbol of freedom.

Most people have a preconceived notion that Germans are somewhat cold-hearted and stiff, but actually they are not. Since they went through much affliction and realized the value of freedom and peace, they respect others and are well-mannered. So when they see a foreigner, they approach him or her first and show their kindness. However, they were indifferent to the truth. When we preached the Word to them, they all turned away from us, saying that they were busy. Although some of them listened to us, it was just out of consideration for others.

We later found out that Germans had a strong pride in their religion. It was because Martin Luther, who led the Reformation, was a German. He translated the Latin Bible, which was regarded as the exclusive possession of Catholic clerics and monks, into his native German language for the first time, with a conviction that the “Bible should be available to all.” Because of this historical background, they are proud that Germany is the country of origin of the Protestant Reformation, so they wouldn’t easily accept the situation where they should learn the words of the Bible from us who were from a small country in Asia.

What is more, they had suffered great losses because of religion, going through the Reformation, Peasants’ War, and Thirty Years’ War, from the time of the Holy Roman Empire when Lutheranism was officially recognized by the Pope. So, most Germans are negative toward religion and are reluctant to discuss it. Many of the people who claim to be Christians do not go to church. Even if they go to church, their major purpose is for fellowship rather for salvation. The situation is the same in the churches. One Sunday I met a woman while preaching. At that time, she said, “Our pastor told us to go cheer at a soccer game, saying that the worship service was canceled for it, and then he let all the members of his church go back.” Even though the people were deeply rooted in their religion and had pride in it, there was no truth in them. Berlin was such a dark place, where people were longing for true freedom and peace. God shone the light of truth brightly here in Berlin. Then the children of heaven who were lamenting and weeping in darkness began to come toward the light one after another.

God Has Chosen the Weak to Fulfill His Great Work

I told you briefly about the history and religion of Germany. Actually, when I was called to preach the gospel in Berlin, Germany was very unfamiliar to me. I could only speak a few greeting words.

As God’s fellow workers, who have been called by God in this age, you must have dreamed of preaching overseas. In obedience to God’s command, “Go,” I also wanted to go to Samaria and to the ends of the earth, and to lead many souls into the arms of Mother. However, once I was called to go to Berlin for preaching, many thoughts came to my mind: ‘Will I be able to do it well even though I do not know the German language. Why did God call me who is lacking in many ways?’
Shortly after, I came to realize that it was God’s will for me to do the gospel work by relying only on Heavenly Father and Mother, not on my own strength, because I was lacking in many ways. This will of God has been engraved in the center of my heart since I started preaching in Berlin.

In January 2007, when we arrived in Berlin, a deacon and his family were already preaching as self-supporting volunteers. The language barrier was much bigger than I had anticipated. I cannot forget the moment I went out to preach with the deacon for the first time in Germany. As I did not know where to go and couldn’t even speak a word of German, I felt as if I had become a little child who couldn’t do anything alone. In fact, I felt less than a child.
Anyways, I tried to adapt to my new circumstances. I preached the Word, laying the foundation for the gospel work in Berlin and learning the language. While doing so, each day went by so quickly. However, even though time passed by, my language ability did not improve. Whenever I heard the news about missionaries who learned foreign languages in a short period of time so that they could deliver the truth freely and even preach sermons in the foreign languages, I felt ashamed of myself that I couldn’t even hold up my head before Father and Mother.

Winter in Germany is especially long and cold; the daytime is very short and darkness falls quickly. Moreover, each house lights up candles instead of turning on the lights to save electricity, which makes the streets more dark and gloomy. As I was looking at the dark city, my heart was also like the dark night. I felt very frustrated at the reality that I was delivering God’s magnificent love with my poor speech.

All I could do was just to rely on Father and Mother at every moment. And I reminded myself every day that the gospel is accomplished by God’s power, not by man’s ability. I strongly believed that God would give us strength and work for us so that we could bear abundant fruits. Then I continuously tried my hardest to carry out the prophetic mission given by God.

Mother answered our earnest prayers. She took the hand of this foolish child who did not know what to do and helped me lay the groundwork for the gospel. Even though my pronunciation was not good but unclear like a baby’s babble, God helped many precious souls to hear and understand what I spoke and come to Zion every month. I give thanks to Heavenly Father and Mother over and over again for opening the door for preaching and providing full support and love for the Berlin Zion so that we can produce abundant good fruits.

Heavenly Family Members Found in Berlin, Who Are More Precious Than the Whole World

First, I’d like to tell you about Sister Gabriela. It was on a subway train that we first met her. She had read many kinds of religious books. When we preached to her, she was so intent on listening to the words of truth that she even passed her station and ended up going to the last stop. We kept in touch with each other, and she became a child of God shortly before the Passover. In spite of her busy work schedule, she celebrated the Passover graciously. After that, she came to Zion whenever she had time and studied the Bible until late at night. By doing that, she gradually grew in faith.

She always humbled herself before the Word and is joyful all the time, smiling brightly. She is also keeping God’s commandments preciously while getting more realizations through the Truth Books.
Sister Carolina who had been a Catholic was greatly amazed by the truth of Heavenly Mother and the prophecies of King David. Then she received the Word with thankfulness. As she realized the truth, she stopped going to the Babylon church and removed all the idols in her house. People do not enforce their religion upon their children, but let them choose their own, no matter how young their children are. Meanwhile, the sister shared her realizations with her children and recommended them to receive the truth, and finally she and her two children were reborn as children of God. After that, she preached to her husband Julian and led him to Zion.

Although Brother Julian received the truth, he still had much doubt. Whenever he studied the Bible, he asked many questions. However, as his questions were all answered through God’s word, he said he now felt like being a true child of God. Whenever he saw Heavenly Mother on the Church videos, he shed tears, eagerly desiring to meet Heavenly Mother face to face. Before long, his desire came true; he was blessed to join the 36th Overseas Visiting Group. We believe firmly that he will grow up to become a gospel worker after receiving boundless blessings from Mother.

The fragrance of Zion about Lee Wah is also gracious. As she realized the truth, she gave thanks to Father and Mother for Their sacrifice with tears, and immediately bore a fruit, her husband Alexander. She also preached to her aunt and uncle who were diligently attending a Protestant church, and led them to Zion. They received the truth, being moved to see how mature and polite Sister Lee Wah had become since she started going to Church. She changed graciously while being raised by Heavenly Mother. Now she continues to preach God’s word to people around her including her friends, showing the glory of God to them through her good deeds.

Besides, there are Brother Marco who was our first good fruit, Brother Pukis and her wife Sister Hans who are eager to keep God’s commandments even in difficult situations. Now the Berlin Zion is being gradually filled with the heavenly family members who are more precious than the whole world.

Mother, the Keyword for the Gospel

When we bore the first fruit that we had been waiting for over a long period of time, when we gained strength and were able to stand up again even in many difficult situations, when our weary hearts became renewed and refreshed even though we had been exhausted from not bearing fruit for a long time, and so on. All these have one thing in common. Do you know what it is? It is that all those things occurred right after we heard the words of blessing from Heavenly Mother. While preaching here in Berlin, I came to realize more deeply that Mother is the core of the gospel.

It is the same with the German brothers and sisters. God’s children are to build the foundation of their faith on the words of truth; especially, when they have strong faith in Mother, they can live in the truth until the end. We must realize the love of Mother so that our souls can be revived and mature and finally we can be reborn as gospel workers. That’s why we try our best to convey Mother’s love to our brothers and sisters above anything else.

However, the best way to realize the love of Heavenly Mother is to experience Her love directly by participating in the overseas visiting group. Brother Marco is witness to it. When he received the truth, he was attracted to Zion because of the heartfelt love of brothers and sisters rather than the Word at first. However, as he attended a worship service once, twice and then more and more, he grew in faith, and after visiting Korea and seeing Mother face to face, he totally changed. He said, “We need to go and personally experience the love of Mother.”

Many brothers and sisters in the Berlin Zion joined this 36th Overseas Visiting Group. They flew into the arms of Heavenly Mother as the prophetic heroes like clouds, like doves to their nests. I hope all of them will grow up to be mature workers for the gospel, engraving Mother’s love in their hearts.

Germany is the country in the heart of Europe, located in the centre of the continent, sharing borders with Denmark in the north, Poland and the Czech Republic in the east, Austria and Switzerland in the south, and France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Netherlands in the west. Because of this geographical location, we pray together with one mind that the Berlin Zion may have a foothold not only in Germany, but also in all the countries in Europe, by preaching the gospel more fervently and producing more native workers for the gospel. By doing so, we want to receive much more blessings from Mother.

November is a very meaningful month for Germany. It is because the Berlin Wall, which had blocked the freedom of its people by dividing the country into East and West, was broken down in November. Berlin is the city whose people regained their freedom and peace after a long period of waiting and suffering. Here in Berlin a great number of heavenly brothers and sisters are waiting for us to come to them, longing for the eternal freedom and peace through Heavenly Mother. So, today too, we run to them with the keyword of the gospel—‘Mother.’
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